Yanko Design concept shows a touch controller for gaming on the Apple Vision Pro : Tech Live Trends

The Apple Vision Pro was previewed at last week’s Worldwide Developer Conference. However, it won’t be available until early 2024 and will cost US$3,499.

 Third-party accessories makers are already planning accessories. And, although it’s not a “real” product (yet), Yanko Design has unveiled a very cool concept for a touch controller for gaming on the headset. 

Here’s how it’s described: Just like the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers that bring a new level of realism to VR gaming, the Apple VR headset is also destined for a similar accessory. This concept visualizes exactly how the Apple Vision Pro controllers would look and feel in an open-world Metaverse. Designer Alex Casabò calls the accessory “Apple Vision Joystick Pro Max” and a proactive third-party accessory maker or even Apple would already be looking up that name to claim.

Perfectly complementing the headset’s modern appeal, these controllers for the Apple headset will be closely knit for smooth functionality no matter what open-world title you throw at them. The joysticks will maximize the gaming experience for all kinds of modern games keeping in mind the VR environment.

The top surface of the controller is donned with a touch-sensitive surface for smart controls like swaying the sword or reloading a potent sniper rifle. A trigger button on one side can be mapped for firing bullets accelerating forward. The crown on one side can be used to go through menus or toggle the volume. All the controls and buttons can be mapped as per the requirements and ergonomic comfort while playing.

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