Best 10 Sites to Buy Real TikTok Followers

TikTok has quickly established itself as one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. This is especially true for the younger generation, but even boomers are getting around. As such, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and content creators need to take more measures to get ahead. 

One popular method is to buy TikTok followers, but the problem is finding the right website to place this type of order. Let’s explore the top rated websites selling TikTok followers. 

Why Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

Before you make the decision to spend your money on this marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering what the benefits of this service would be. Here are few to take into consideration:

  • Improved credibility
  • Jumpstart your social media career
  • More exposure
  • Organic growth

In essence, getting more TikTok followers is a purchase that will work to enhance your presence on TikTok. It’s a tactic that will help you greatly in whatever your goals are on TikTok.

Real Vs. Fake Followers

While the benefits of having additional followers on your TikTok account are clear, there’s still the issue of the quality of the followers. Specifically, you should be looking at whether the followers are real or fake. Many scam websites sell TikTok followers and use bots to fulfill orders they receive. 

While there is no clear law that prevents the use of bots, many experts suspect that using fake followers (bots) will have a negative impact on your ranking according to TikTok. As such, your account might get flagged or you may get less organic traffic flow to your account. 

The Top Sites Selling Real TikTok Followers

To ensure that you get the best quality, genuine TikTok followers, we’ve researched the available websites and the following are our top choices. 

1. TikTokStorm

Pricing: Tired price plans starting at $3.95/100 followers

Best Feature: TikTok-focused website with team of experts on SEO. 

TikTokStorm is one of the few legitimate sites that are entirely focused on improving TikTok metrics for their clients. With plenty of positive reviews, we’re confident that their team of SEO experts know what they are doing. All followers you purchase from their website come directly from real accounts genuinely run by real people. 

2. SocialGreg

Pricing: Standardized pricing at $1.56/100 followers

Best Feature: Highly secure website with hassle-free user interface.

If you’re worried about confidentiality and security, SocialGreg is one of the most secure websites to buy TikTok followers. Not only that, but you can trust that any followers you purchase are from premium quality accounts run by actual people. 

Even the user interface is easy to get around. This means that for only a small cost and with minimal effort on your part, you can tweak the algorithm to direct organic traffic towards your content without worrying about the use of bots or any scams. 

3. SocialWick

Pricing: Standardized pricing at $1.43/100 followers

Best Feature: Budget-friendly option for premium followers. 

For those just starting their TikTok career, getting more bang for your buck is probably the most difficult. However, SocialWick allows you to buy followers at a fraction of the price that other websites are offering. We’ve run tests on their services and found that they use real people and deliver high quality followers that have the same impact on your account that higher-priced services have.

It’s by far the lowest price for premium followers that we could find. Yet, their services are sometimes considered better than other websites charging 5 times more!  

4. Bulkoid

Pricing: Followers alone are priced at $5.60/200 followers

Best Feature: Allows for a more diverse strategy to combine different metrics for better impact.

While it’s true that this website is slightly more complex than others on this list, you can purchase multiple metrics to boost your TikTok all at once. This strategy supposedly has a more positive impact on your accounts organic growth, but we haven’t tested it against alternatives. Nonetheless, we can assure you that the followers bought here are real accounts and not bots.

5. TikFuel

Pricing: Starting from $8/100 followers

Best Feature: Lifetime guarantee on non-drop followers.

This website gives claims that any TikTok followers you buy will stay following you for as long as your account is not deactivated. We’ve tried testing for this, but it may take a lot longer to truly understand how long you can keep the followers. In any case, we can verify that the followers TikFuel sells are authentic.

6. TokMatik

Pricing: Starting from $4.99/100 followers

Best Feature: Remarkable customer support at moderate prices. 

If you’d rather deal with a person than a website then you need excellent customer support when you’re placing an order for TikTok followers. This website guarantees that their genuine followers are delivered quickly and you’ll see results on your account almost instantaneously. Their prices aren’t the cheapest, but they are still considered affordable.

7. UseViral

Pricing:  Starting from $4.99/100 followers

Best Feature: Fast delivery of premium quality followers. 

Another moderately priced service, UseViral is a popular website that sells TikTok metrics such as followers and likes. Reports confirm that the followers are real, and the drop rate is low. More importantly, they deliver their followers as fast as possible. In fact, processing the order begins from the moment payment is cleared. 

8. TikRoyal

Pricing:  Starting from $2/100 followers

Best Feature: Targeted followers (niche-specific)

To make the most out of the followers you purchase, you’ll want to make sure that they are interested in your content. Otherwise, it’s just a numbers game. This website offers the option to choose your audience for a more targeted marketing strategy. In this way, your followers are already people browsing content within our niche, and the algorithm takes this into account.

9. Social Viral

Pricing: Starting from $5.98/100 followers

Best Feature: Tailored packages

For those who are already accustomed to buying social media metrics, you already know what you want and all the details regarding your purchase. This website allows you to customize your package (and the price) according to your specific requirements. 

10. Social Boosting

Pricing:  Starting from $6/100 followers

Best Feature: Drip feeding to organic growth

Finally, Social Boosting is a website that allows you premium quality, legitimate TikTok followers that gradually show up on your account. This “drip feeding” tactic is used to mimic organic growth you can achieve on your own. The advantage of this slow burn is that the impact of this boost to your account is longer lasting.


The top three websites we recommend for buying TikTok followers are TikTokStorm, SocialGreg, and SocialWick. Along with others on this list, they are the only website we can guarantee that the followers you buy are genuine and no bots are used whatsoever. Choose the best option for your budget, and we recommend starting with a small order first.

Now that you know where to get real followers, it’s time to go ahead and give your TikTok account the jumpstart it needs to go viral and increase your exposure. It’s only a negligible investment and the results are guaranteed.

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