Twelve South’s DeskPad is a new vegan leather desk mat designed for Apple fans : Tech Live Trends

Twelve South has debuted the US$49.99 DeskPad, a vegan leather desk mat created for “Apple fans obsessed with detail” such as edges that match a MacBook’s corner radius and a textured surface perfected for precision mousing.

According to the folks at Twelve South, it has a warm textured surface for comfort and precision mousing. Plus, it has extra width to offer room for anextended keyboard and/or a pointing device. 

The DeskPad is available in black or dove grey. The folks at Twelve South say black was the obvious choice for DeskPad because of how good it looks atop a dark wood or glass desk. However, knowing so many people have white desks, the company added a Dove Grey option for a more subtle contrast. 

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