Mac malware named ‘Realst’ is being used in a massive campaign targeting Macs

A new Mac malware named “Realst” is being used in a massive campaign targeting Macs, with some of its latest variants including support for macOS 14 Sonoma, reports Bleeping Computer. 

The malware, first discovered by security researcher iamdeadlyz, is distributed to both macOS and Windows and macOS users in the form of fake blockchain games using names such as Brawl Earth, WildWorld, Dawnland, Destruction, Evolion, Pearl, Olymp of Reptiles, and SaintLegend. (By the way, macOS Sonoma is still in beta testing with a non-beta version expected in September or October).

The aforementioned games are promoted on social media, with the threat actors using direct messages to share access codes required to download the fake game client from associated websites. Bleeping Computer notes that access codes allow the threat actors to vet those they wish to target and avoid security researchers who want to reveal malicious behavior. 

But what really happens is that the game installers infect devices with information-stealing malware, such as RedLine Stealer on Windows and Realst on macOS. This type of malware will steal data from the victim’s web browsers and cryptocurrency wallet apps and send them back to the threat actors.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from “Realst” as noted by Tom’s Guide: 

° First of all, and most obviously, avoid downloading sketchy games online. 

° Even though Apple includes its own XProtect antivirus software with every computer it sells and Macs also have a built-in malware scanner called Gatekeeper, you still might want a bit of extra protection. This is where the best Mac antivirus software can help since these third-party solutions are more frequently updated to help keep your Mac safe from all of the latest malware strains.

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