Apple’s iPad now has almost two-fifths of the global tablet market – Tech Live Trends

Worldwide tablet shipments dropped 11% annually in quarter two (Q2) of 2023, down to 31 million units, according to Canalys. However, it was good news for Apple. 

The research group says the 11% annual drop represents a sequential decline from quarter one (Q1) and signifies the lowest volume of global tablet shipments since Q1 2020. The decline of the tablet market in Q2 2023 represents a small improvement over the 13% year-on-year drop experienced in the first quarter of the year. 

Apple strengthened its position as the leading tablet vendor, shipping 12.3 million units, which accounted for nearly two-fifths of the total global tablet market. As of Q2 2023, the iPad has 39.8% of the worldwide tablet market. That compares to sales of 12 million in Q2 of 2022 for annual growth of 2% 

Despite a 14% annual decline in shipments, Samsung secured the second position, shipping six million tablets. Third-placed Amazon and fourth-placed Lenovo posted the largest declines among the major tablet vendors, with shipments down 33% and 39% respectively. Huawei took fifth spot in the rankings, with 1.7 million units of shipments.

Meanwhile, Chromebooks enjoyed a decent quarter, with shipments up 1% annually to 5.9 million units, “boosted by the return of education demand, with the back-to-school season in North America proving particularly fruitful,” notes Canalys.

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