Apple Vision Pro could deliver VR without motion sickness : Tech Live Trends

Apple Vision Pro could finally deliver virtual reality without motion sickness, according to BBC Science Focus magazine.

The US$3,499 (and up) “spatial computer” was previewed at last month’s Worldwide Developer Conference. However, it won’t go on sale until early 2024.

Here’s what David Reid, professor of AI and spatial computing at Liverpool Hope University, told BBS Science Focus about the device:

The big selling point here is that Apple is trying to expand what we mean by the metaverse. Where Meta is based in virtual reality, Apple is looking at augmented reality, putting these virtual elements into the world around you.

There is a theory known as spatial computing. It’s the idea that a machine can retain and manipulate referents to real objects in the world. That’s what Apple is doing here and doing so believably.

With two separate chipsets the Vision Pro is more powerful than a MacBook Pro. It’s basically a computer strapped to your face. I’m sure this will mean lots of new applications and new ways to not just play games, but to work, socialize and even just browse the internet.

You’ll be able to do things as creatives and professionals that you can’t do on conventual computers. Because of the price, it’ll only be early adopters using it to begin with, but as it gets cheaper and more readily available, Apple will be leading the way for virtual reality.

The headset has over a dozen cameras and a complicated tracking system. That requires a huge amount of processing power, but Apple has managed to implement that. That would be impressive enough, but Apple then added in a whole host of other high-end features on top.

Apple has tried to reduce the motion sickness as much as possible. By reducing lag and delay, and using high-quality displays, Apple has made a headset that is best in class in terms of motion sickness,

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