Apple Music apparently has 32.6 million subscribers compared to Spotify’s 44.4 million : Tech Live Trends

At the close of the first quarter of 2023, Spotify had a total global paying audience of 44.4 million compared to 32.6 million for Apple Music, according to Music Business Worldwide, citing data from the National Music Publishers Association.

The Apple Music figures are “guesstimats” as Apple has historically revealed little about how many subscribers are paying to stream music on its platform. The tech giant confirmed in June 2019 that Apple Music had passed the milestone of 60 million global subscribers – but no official figures have been released since then.The Business of Apps estimates that Apple Music had 88 million global subscribers as of June 2022.

According to Music Business Worldwide, Amazon Music has 55-plus million global customers (paying subscribers plus triallists), YouTube has 8.5 million, and Pandora has 2.4 million.

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