Apple asks suppliers to develop ‘bezel-less’ OLED displays for future iPhones

Apple has asked its suppliers to develop “bezel-ess” OLED display panels for future iPhone models, according to the Korean site, The Elec.

The article says the tech giant has asked Samsung and LG Display to develop the new OLED display panels with plans to implement them while maintaining the ‌iPhone‌’s current design. Plans for an iPhone with fewer or no bezels have been rumored for years. 

In 2019 Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu reported that Apple is developing in-screen fingerprint technology that would eliminate the need for additional bezels on the smartphone while retain biometric security. The Bloomberg report says that such iPhones would retain both Touch ID (in its new form) and Face ID. 

The idea is that the fingerprint reader will be embedded in the iPhone display, so users could unlock the smartphone by pressing a finger almost anywhere on the screen. And in 2018 Apple was granted a patent that involved iPhones and perhaps iPads with smaller bezels.

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