ZAGG announces new family of Pro and Connect desktop keyboards

ZAGG has announced a new family of desktop keyboards – including wireless (ZAGG Pro) and wired (ZAGG Connect) options to suit all keyboard needs. 

 The new range includes: 

Per the folks at ZAGG, here are the features of the ZAGG Pro keyboards:

  • Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging – Charge the ZAGG Pro Keyboards on a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad to ensure uninterrupted typing when you need it most. Qi charging eliminates the risk of a dead battery and keeps your workspace tidy and free from unnecessary cables. Users can also charge with the included Type-C cable. 
  • Pair with up to Three Devices – You can pair the ZAGG Pro Keyboards with up to three devices to seamlessly toggle between a phone, tablet, or computer from one keyboard. 
  • Long-lasting Battery – The keyboards have a Li-polymer battery that allows for three months of use before it needs recharging. 

And here are the features of the ZAGG Connect keyboards:

  • Compact Desktop Keyboard – The compact ZAGG Connect Keyboards fit nicely even in crowded workspaces.  
  • Convenient Wired Connection – Two options for conveniently attaching the ZAGG Connect Keyboards to your device: Lightning cable, or Type-C cable. 

The new keyboards are now available on and at ZAGG franchise locations nationwide. 

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