Which streaming service gives you the best bang for your buck?

The folks at Reelgood  — a site that allows you to browse, search, and watch TV shows and movies from over 150 services — ran the numbers on the catalogs of nine streaming services and made an analysis of catalog size for movies and TV shows to determine which one is the best bang for the buck of subscribers. 

The monthly cost for the services are: Apple TV+, US$6.99; Discovery+, $6.99; Disney+, $10.99; MAX, $15.99; Hulu, $14.99; Netflix, $15.49; Paramount + with Showtime, $11.99; Peacock Premium, $11.99; and Prime Video, $8.99.

When it comes to the amount of quality movies you get on each service, the tally is: Apple TV+, 69; Discovery+, 400; Disney+, 1,345; MAX, 2,175; Hulu, 1,325; Netflix, 3,864; Paramount + with Showtime, 2,967; Peacock Premium, 3,693; and Prime Video, 11,529. (Quality movies are defined as movies with a 6.0 or higher rating IMDb.

With that in mind, here’s how many quality movies you get per dollar on each service: Apple TV+, 10; Discovery+, 57; Disney+, 122; MAX, 136; Hulu, 88; Netflix, 249; Paramount + with Showtime, 247; Peacock Premium, 308; and Prime Video, 1,282.

The number of “quality” TV shows (6.5 and up rating on IMDb) per streaming service are: Apple TV+, 135; Discovery+, 1,962; Disney+, 550; MAX, 1,279; Hulu, 1,621; Netflix, 2,435; Paramount + with Showtime, 811; Peacock Premium, 1,030; and Prime Video, 1,960.

With that in mind, here’s the number of quality TV shows you get per dollar at each streaming service: Apple TV+, 19; Discovery+, 281; Disney+, 50; MAX, 80; Hulu, 109; Netflix, 157; Paramount + with Showtime, 68; Peacock Premium, 86; and Prime Video, 218.

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