The Vision Pro could be used to teach you how to use other Apple devices – Tech Live Trends

Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro could be used as an instruction guide to teach you how to use your other Apple devices. The tech giant has filed for a patent (US 2023/0245410) for ”Systems And Methods Of Guided Instructions Or Support Using A Virtual Object.”

Apple previewed the US$3,499 (and higher) Spatial Computer at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference. However, it won’t go on sale until early 2024 — and then, apparently, in limited quantities.

In the patent filing, Apple says that customer support represents a wide range of customer services to assist customers in the correct use of a product. This includes assistance in planning, installing, training, troubleshooting,, maintaining, upgrading, and (eventually) disposing of a product. The tech giant says what’s needed is an improved customer support experience for users.

One possibility: a virtual representation of a product — say, a Mac — is presented in a virtual reality scene on the Vision Pro. A user could virtually interact with the Mac’s VR image to learn how to use it. 

Alternatively, a Vision Pro user could view a Mac (or other device) through the Vision Pro and interact with it via augmented reality (AR) features. 

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