Polyarc Announces VR PvP Game Glassbreakers – Champions of Moss

Following a tease earlier this year, Polyarc Games has announced its first PvP game, Glassbreakers – Champions of Moss, based on its acclaimed single player adventure games Moss (2019) and Moss: Book II (2022).

Moss and Moss: Book II exemplify third-person VR adventure games, giving the player control of a mouse named Quill which travels through the fantastical world of Moss. Uniquely to third-person VR, the player isn’t just the person behind a screen, but actually exists within the game and can interact with Quill and the environment to solve puzzles and aid in combat.

Alongside great design, art, and polish, the successful execution of this concept is what has kept Moss among the 20 best rated Quest games for years now. We went behind-the-scenes of Moss: Book II last year to learn more about what made the game shine.

Now developer Polyarc Games plans to translate the concept into a standalone PvP title, Glassbreakers – Champions of Moss, the studio’s first departure from single-player VR games.

Details on Glassbreakers is light as the studio is saving a broader reveal for an August 29th showcase at 9AM PT (your timezone here), but ostensibly the game will continue to focus on controlling small third-person characters, with some level of direct player interaction. A teaser image shows a few characters we already know from the games alongside some seemingly new faces that are likely to be part of the game’s roster for players to control.

We’ll be interested to see if the studio can amp up the game’s relatively simple combat to create a truly competitive game, and what direct interactions players will be able to have between themselves and their character, or maybe even themselves and the opposing player.

While a launch date for Glassbreakers hasn’t been announced, a holiday 2023 release date looks likely. While the game has been confirmed for Quest so far, there’s a good chance Glassbreakers will also make it to PSVR 2 and PC VR just like its predecessors.

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