New Dead Hook Update Lets You Tear Apart Demons

Dead Hook’s first major update lets you directly tear apart demons.

Called the ‘Tear Apart’ update, this new patch lets you rip through enemies with your hands, also adding a melee combat tutorial to show you how. It also introduces five new Elite enemies and two new ancient weapons; a plasma gun called the ‘Overthrower’ and an ‘Annihilator’ SMG. Further balancing changes are detailed here.

Released in June, we recommended Joy Way’s roguelike shooter in our Dead Hook review, offering strong praise for its combat.

Dead Hook sets the bar for intense, fast-paced and visceral combat on Quest. While it does little to innovate in the increasingly-crowded roguelike genre, it nonetheless features an excellent assortment of tried and tested mechanics that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the genre’s best.

Dead Hook is out now on Quest. When questioned about a PSVR 2 release, Joy Way advised the Quest version is “currently a priority, but we’re not closing any doors to other platforms,” citing challenges in simultaneous development for multiple platforms.

Dead Hook Review: Intense Power-Fantasy Action Swings Onto Quest 2

Dead Hook swings onto Quest with intense power-fantasy combat and swinging-based movement. Does it deliver? Read our full review:

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