Peakto app for macOS gets AI-powered prompt search – Tech Live Trends

Cyme has updated Peakto, its macOS software designed for photo enthusiasts, with an AI-powered prompt search. 

The folks at Cyme say that Peakto now revolutionizes the way users explore their extensive photo collection by introducing a conversational search feature powered by advanced AI image analysis. The app offers powerful centralized searching across multiple image catalogs.

The new Conversational Search feature is performed locally, ensuring the privacy of users’ photos. It can be conducted in English (or any language, as long as Peakto has access to an internet connection). This prompt search can be associated with Person and Place tags, making it possible, for example, to efficiently find “@Lisa eating ice cream in #Barcelona”. 

This Conversational Search is complemented by two additional functionalities: similarity search and suggestion search. Peakto is available by subscription or one-time purchase on and on the Mac App. It can be tested for free for 15 days (no credit card required on 

The monthly plan is US$9.99/month. A new yearly plan is $59.99/year;. Or you can get the app for for a one-time purchase of $189. Optimized for M2, Peakto requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later. 

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