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Mosyle, the “Apple Unified Platform,” has unveiled Mosyle AIScript, which it says is the industry’s first generative AI-powered macOS scripting tool that lets IT admins use natural language to generate ready-to-use scripts for Macs. 

With the release of Mosyle AIScript, Mosyle is the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider to bring the power of generative AI to simplify Apple device management and security at work and school, says founder and CEO Alcyr Araujo. In addition, the company also introduced Mosyle Script Catalog and Script Favorites. 

The new solutions are designed to make it easier for IT admins to remotely create, test, execute, automate, and schedule scripts for entire fleets or specific groups of Macs. Araujo says that Mosyle is simplifying the approach to macOS scripting with:

° Mosyle AIScript. Leveraging generative AI, Mosyle AIScript brings the power of generative AI to macOS scripting. The new solution enables IT admins to use natural language to ask for and receive ready-to-use scripts for thousands of commands ranging from “check the battery health status” to “delete Auditorium from the list of saved SSIDs” and everything in between.

° Mosyle Script Catalog. The new offering removes the barriers to scripting. Script Catalog brings ready-to-use scripts created and curated by Mosyle’s development team for a “pick and go” experience. With Script Catalog, admins with zero scripting knowledge can unlock new levels of remote management possibilities and save precious time. Tens of scripts are already available, and Mosyle continues to update the catalog based on requests from customers.

° Favorite Scripts. Bringing the power of knowledge sharing to macOS scripting, Favorite Scripts allows IT admins to create and maintain their own catalog of macOS scripts and share them within the same account. The solution helps create a powerful and personalized script repository for each Mosyle customer. Favorite Scripts brings macOS scripting management to a new era, making Mac device management more efficient and optimized through the power of collaboration.

Mosyle AIScript, Mosyle Script Catalog, and Favorite Scripts Beta are now available to all Mosyle Fuse and Mosyle OneK12 customers. The tools are designed to cover all the scripting needs organizations face when remotely managing Macs.

To learn more about the company, Mosyle AIScript, Mosyle Script Catalog, Favorite Scripts and other products for managing and securing Apple devices, visit

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