Jamf CEO: in 10 years, Windows won’t be the dominant ecosystem

Apple’s forays into the enterprise are succeeding and likely to push aside Windows over the next decade, outgoing Jamf CEO Dean Hager says in an interview with Computerworld.

“It 10 years’ time, Windows will not be the dominant ecosystem,” he says. “Apple is coming up because it already dominates the mobile enterprise.”

Hager says that in an era of computing mobility, Windows has no mobile device, which means the platform can’t be an “endpoint leader.” Meanwhile, Apple has the leading smartphone used in the enterprise, the leading enterprise tablet, and the fastest-growing PC used in the enterprise. These represent major changes to enterprise tech, he adds.

In 2015, Jamf had 4,000 customers running just over 3 million devices. Today it has over 72,000 customers running more than 30 million Apple devices. “Apple has a clear path, in my view, for winning the enterprise,” Hager says.

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