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A study conducted in 2022 showed that the U.S. is one of the largest populations to use the internet. With a whopping 92% of its total population connected via Wi-Fi, there are at least 307.2 million users online! 

Of course, to accommodate this many users, there are a lot of internet service providers available in the U.S. market, which could leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed due to too many options. Not to mention, the amount of time it would take to research them all just to narrow down the providers that offer the best deals. 

But with this article, all that research and cherry-picking of only the best service providers have already been done for you! 

The Faster, the Better

High-speed internet is, without a doubt, a priority for everyone, and with our daily lives so cluttered with tasks and chores, there’s little question as to why we need our internet to be faster, and more efficient. In a fast-paced, jam-packed schedule, a loading screen is the last thing we want to see! Whether that’s during a movie marathon, or when you’re trying to send an important email, everyone will unanimously agree that it’s very frustrating. 

So, high-speed internet is always in demand and we’re here to deliver some great options that give you just that! 


If it is only the “speed” you’re looking for, Xfinity is a great option to consider – it’s fast and quite secure. It’s also widely and easily available in 40+ states and with 20 million hotspots spread all around the country, you’re not just connected at home but also outside of it! 

Xfinity’s plans vary in price ranges and you can get its internet plans for as low as $20 per month to $80 a month. With the latter price, you can enjoy 1200/35 Mbps internet speed.

Along with providing such affordable options to the market, Xfinity also has automatic payments set in place for easy and quick transactions. 


WOW! Internet is another U.S. service provider whose reputation precedes it. Although it doesn’t have as massive coverage as Xfinity, it’s able to hold its own in areas where it is available – namely Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

WOW! includes various internet plans as well, and you can include add-ons or bundle TV or phone plans together, to enjoy exclusive price reductions.

To illustrate this point, WOW! has a ‘Connected Family’ plan that provides 200 Mbps in download speed at just $29.99 a month, with a saving of $15 and an additional $50 VISA Rewards Card! 

WOW! also includes a fiber connection, so high-speed internet is always a guarantee. 

Another great thing about WOW! is its 30-day money-back guarantee policy and this applies to all WOW! customers. Once you sign up for a new service, you’ll be eligible for a free trial of 30 days. If, however, you do remain unsatisfied, or feel like it wasn’t a good fit, you will get your money back. 


Spectrum Internet offers 3 different speed tiers so that you can choose and select which speed you’d like your internet to be on.

At $49.99 per month, you are able to gain access to a 300 Mbps download speed along with unlimited data! Much like Xfinity, it also has pretty standard and straightforward methods of payment and pricing. Furthermore, it also offers options to easily bundle up TV plans and phone plans into your current plan. 

AT&T Fiber

Another high-speed internet that exceeds expectations, is AT&T Fiber which can deliver speeds up to 5-Gig – that is a combination of upload and download speeds of 5000 Mbps! It has no additional equipment fees or any annual contracts, making it very tempting to sign up with AT&T Fiber! 

At a monthly fee of $55, you are entitled to 300 Mbps – AT&T Fiber’s fastest, starting speed tier that ensures a quality experience, or you can simply bump up your experience even more with an addition of $10 more and gain access to 500 Mbps! 

The highest tier that you can go for is their monthly $180 plan, which can give you 5-Gig, and with a 99% proven reliability rate, it’s an offer that is hard to pass up! With this plan, you are free to stream and surf the internet using multiple devices, without even a hitch! It can handle the most intense levels of gaming sessions and live streams, all while staying fast! 

All In All 

We understand the search for the perfect internet plan or a consistent service provider is a difficult one and we hope that with this article, we’ve given you some options to consider. You can check out this website to see more details and other internet plans from these providers! Having such options all in the same place makes the process very easy – now, go and select the best plan for you! 

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