Bentos is new, free ‘merchandising playground’ app for iOS/iPadOS  – Tech Live Trends

Bentos is a new, free app for iOS and iPadOS from developer Michael Steeber that allows you to create your own virtual Apple Store displays.

Here’s how it’s described: Bentos is a merchandising playground that helps you quickly visualize virtually any bay for use in an Avenue.

Effortlessly design, test, and share endless displays in minutes, all in 3D.

Bay Builder:

Choose a 5-foot or 10-foot bay. Select a backdrop or make your bay a Graphic Panel. Add fixtures like counters, shelves, and drawers. Add products like phones, trays, and tablets. Adjust the position, rotation, stock, and style of items in your bay.

Store Environments:

Choose between five realistic environments to see how your bay will look in a real store. Toggle between day and night mode.

AR Preview & Sharing:

Preview your designs in augmented reality and share AR Quick Look files, ZIP archives, video tours, and snapshots with friends and colleagues.

Customizable Templates:

Start with a built-in template and rearrange fixtures or add new products.

Asset Library:

Extend your bay with custom artwork and 3D models.

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