Apple’s Safari browser now has over one billion users : Tech Live Trends

According to calculations by the Atlas VPN team, Apple’s Safari has over one billion users, while the Microsoft Edge browser is closing in on a total of 300 million users. 

The browser’s number of users grew by 50 million months after ChatGPT was implemented. Despite that, Google Chrome and Safari continue to dominate the browser market share.

Google Chrome has nearly 3.4 billion users and is the most popular browser. Apple’s Safari browser reached over 1 billion users last year and this year continued to grow to 1.1 billion users. AtlasVPN says this growth can be attributed to several factors, including “Apple’s strong brand loyalty, seamless integration across Apple devices, and the browser’s reputation for privacy and security.”

Since April 2022, the Opera browser has grown its user number by 40%, from 109 million to 152 million users. Firefox’s browser user number stands at about 150 million. Samsung Internet browser has a user base of nearly 135 million people. 

The number of browser users was calculated by dividing the total internet users from Internet World Stats by 100 and multiplying by the GlobalStats browser market share percentage. GlobalStats bases its browser market share on over 5 billion page views per month recorded across more than 1.5 million websites.

Atlas VPN’s calculations are just estimates based on the information the VPN service has, while the actual number of users may be different.

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