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When you’re stressed, your thoughts turn into an overactive beehive.  All that buzzing is overwhelming and can make it hard to fall asleep. 

Beekeepers have a simple solution for overactive bees, they calm them down with puffs of smoke.  Likewise, you can puff the sounds of some relaxation podcasts into your ears. 

You can find lots of relaxation podcasts on Apple Podcasts.  Your challenge is to find the one that works best for you.  

One place you can start is the podcast channel, Silk Relax and Sleep.  This channel on Apple Podcasts has a great variety of relaxation podcasts, and each one seems to work in a different way.  Here is a description of each one.

Calm History.  Ideal for history lovers who want to learn as they fall asleep.  All the episodes are narrated in a calm voice and cover topics such as, Easter Island, Marco Polo, Great Pyramid of Egypt, Joan of Arc, The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, Jackie Robinson, and more.  There is even a six-part series that goes deep into the story of The Titanic.  

Sleep Whispers.  Looking to feel that blissful and relaxing state of ASMR?  This podcast is 100% whispered, which is considered by many to be the most popular trigger for ASMR.  You will be lulled to sleep as a gentle whispering voice guides you through a meditation, reads Winnie-The-Pooh to you, asks you curious trivia questions, chats about the history of the St Bernard dog, and more.  

Sleep with Silk: Nature Sounds. Experience the soothing comfort of nature.  This podcast has all the classic nature sounds for immersing you into another world, such as, sounds of the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, rain, thunder, wind, birds, crickets, crackling bonfires, and more.

Sleep with Silk: Background Sounds.  Are you bothered at night by dog barks, house creaks, and other disruptive noises as you try to fall asleep?  Background sounds are often used to mask these disruptive noises by providing a constant sound to hide them.  Episodes include white noise, brown noise, ceiling fan, small fan, inside a train, and more.  

Sleep with Silk: ASMR Triggers.  The relaxing feeling of ASMR is not just triggered by whispering, but by many other sounds also.  This podcast serves you the full buffet of ASMR stimulating sounds, such as, gentle tapping, light crinkling, pencil writing, match lighting, fruit peeling, soothing roleplays, and of course, lots of whispering.

Sleep with Silk: Soothing Voices Not everyone finds the same voice soothing.  This podcast provides you with a variety a soothing voices to help you find the one that relaxes you the most.  Fall asleep to your favorite soothing voice as they read a story, recite a poem, share a personal story, or guide you through a gentle meditation.

Sleep with Silk: Binaural Tones.  Binaural tones, or Binaural beats, are specific sound frequencies that lull your brain into a relaxed state.  The same frequencies don’t work for everyone, so this podcast provides a large selection of different frequencies for you to explore.  Episode titles include, Alpha Relaxation Orange, Theta Meditation Blue, Delta Sleep Yellow, and more.

Listening to any of these podcasts may help to distract or soothe your overactive thoughts, allowing you to get better sleep.  You might even feel more focused and energetic during the day.

Go to Apple Podcasts tonight and puff one of those relaxing podcasts into your ears.  Those restless brain bees should soon stop buzzing.

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