ALOGIC Launches Next Generation Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch 4K UHD Display Monitors : Tech Live Trends

ALOGIC has launched the Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch, which are described as “studio-grade” 27” 4K UHD Display Monitors. 

The displays boast a 10-point ultra-thin One Glass Solution (OGS)touchscreen in 4k UHD output (on the Pro-Touch only), a built-in eight-port hub, built-in speakers, and 8MP in-built auto retractable webcam. The USB hub connects Thunderbolt MacBooks to USB-A and 3.5mm audio accessories they would otherwise require adapters to use.

Other features include 65W power delivery, an edge-to-edge display, and adjustable stand that can pivot, title, and swivel. What’s more, he folks at ALOGIC say both displays “are engineered to work flawlessly with Macs” thanks to these features: Avg. Delta E values of 0.5 for the Adobe RGB color gamut; HDR400 color depth that ensures images look bright; and 1000:1 contrast ratios.

Clarity Pro Touch monitors are now available to order online at The Clarity Pro costs US$999, and the Clarity Pro Touch is $1,199.

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