Walkabout Mini Golf Introduces First Evil Lair Course Today

Walkabout Mini Golf kicks off the Evil Lair series starting with the Laser Lair course today on Quest, PSVR 2, SteamVR and Pico.

Laser Lair is the 20th Walkabout Mini Golf course, filled with “supervillain vibes, mid-century swanky decor, robots, gadgets, rideable crafts, and tons of lasers,” according to the studio. Detailing its design intent, studio Mighty Coconut explains this compound on a volcanic South Pacific island belongs to Dr. Magnus Caldwell, head of supervillain society L.A.I.R.

“I grew up on campy spy movies, and there was always something about the villains lairs that just felt over-the-top aspirational,” says Lucas Martell, Executive Producer in a prepared statement. “Putting lasers into a lush tropical paradise filled with unapologetic mid-century modern design just made for the perfect combination.”

As seen in the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023, Laser Lair contains an extra-special fox hunt. One of these bonus treasure hunts is built into the hard versions of all Walkabout courses, but on this course there’s an extra bonus fox hunt. That’s designed by Elan Lee, Exploding Kittens co-creator and CEO, and finding them all unlocks a specially-designed putter. Otherwise, expect the usual 18 easy and hard mode holes, 18 lost balls to collect, evil avatars and two commemorative putters to unlock with the fox hunts.

Laser Lair is available today on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR, PSVR 2 and Pico for $3.99.

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