Sony Mocopi Quest-Compatible VRChat Body Tracking Kit Launching In US

Sony’s full body tracking system Mocopi – which is compatible with VRChat on Quest headsets — is launching in the United States.

The Mocopi trackers come as a set for full-body tracking at $450, available to purchase now via Sony’s online store. The set ships to buyers in the United States starting July 14 and the six color-coded IMU-based sensors come in a charging case.

Sony made clear there’s no integration with PlayStation VR2 at the moment but the company didn’t rule out that coming at some point. Currently, the Mocopi sensors communicate via Bluetooth with iPhone 12 and above as well as Sony’s Xperia Android-base phones, but it’s possible other modern phones may work. The motion data Mocopi produces can be relayed to services like VRChat as well as game tools like Unity.

Sony announced the body tracking kit last year and shipped it first in Japan, claiming its “proprietary algorithm enables accurate motion capture with only six sensors.” The sensors are said to be waterproof and dustproof and are “worn with Velcro bands and a clip included in the package.”

We’ll be curious to see what results creators get with Mocopi over time as there may be limits to what’s possible with its built-in accelerometer and angular rate sensor. Valve’s SteamVR Tracking system with laser base stations and Vive Trackers are used by some PC VR users for full-body tracking in apps like VRChat, and the accuracy provided by the system may make it hard for die-hard fans to accept anything less. Still, a PC-optional full-body tracking system in a box for $450 may have applications and an audience for some folks using standalone VR headsets.

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