Netflix is making it easier to rate its movies and shows on mobile

Netflix updated its “Thumbs Up” feature to allow subscribers using the mobile app to like or dislike shows/movies in the middle of watching them.

Instead of having to go back to a TV show or movie’s page to give it a thumbs rating, now users can tap the screen at any point– whether they’re in the middle of watching or during the end credits— and click on the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, or Two Thumbs Up button at the top, then continue watching.

The latest update will likely motivate more subscribers to use the feature, which helps Netflix give more personalized recommendations based on what they’ve watched and liked.

“You might be so in the zone with a series you really love that you forget to go to its details page to give it a Double Thumbs Up,” a Netflix spokesperson told TechCrunch. “It’s just one easy step that can help us suggest more films and series that are more tailored to your tastes.”

The thumbs rating feature has existed for six years. Beforehand, Netflix tried a five-star system, however, this only told the streaming service how well-liked a title was overall and didn’t represent an individual’s viewing habits. According to Netflix, when the company initially tested out thumbs ratings, there was a 200% increase in activity.

Last year, the company introduced the Two Thumbs Up button to further help the streamer get better feedback from members.

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