What is Meant by Blue Eyes Technology

The blue eyes technology works on Artificial Intelligence. It aims to give human abilities to a computer. A research team of IBM has come up with this technology to make a computer understand and sense human feelings and behavior.

The aim of the blue eyes technology is to give human power or abilities to a computer so that the machine can naturally interact with human beings as humans interact with each other, through speech, facial expressions and touch.

All human beings have some perceptual capabilities, the ability to understand each other’s emotional level or feelings from their facial expressions. Blue eyes technology aims at creating a computer that has the abilities to understand the perceptual powers of the human being by recognizing their facial expressions and react accordingly to them.

All these perceptual capabilities are embedded in the gadgets using the Blue Eyes Technology. This shows how far science and technology can progress and develop.

The Blue eyes technology wiki identifies human emotions using image processing techniques by extracting eye portion from the captured image and compares it with the stored images in the database. This high-end technology facilitates the computers to talk, listen and feel our presence with various tools of artificial intelligence like face recognition, fingerprint, and video calls etc.,

This technology is used to simplify life by providing user-friendly facilities. It also helps in reducing the gap between the computer and human.

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