Little Cities Sandbox Update Is Available Now On Quest

Little Cities’ sandbox mode lets you sculpt your island with a new landscape editor, and that’s available now on Quest.

Sandbox Update marks the latest post-launch content update for Little Cities, which follows hand tracking, the Snowy Island DLC, Attractions and Little Citizens. Joining a new random island generator, Sandbox lets you shape your island more directly. “Players can choose to tailor their experience with in-depth modifiers to set their own level of challenge or can opt for fuss-free creation with zero pressure or constraints,” confirms nDreams in a press release.

Elaborating further, developer Purple Yonder also confirms it’s added further Attractions, “oodles of fancy foliage,” and new types of Little Citizens. “Sandbox has been a popular ask from the Little Cities community and we’re excited to see just how creative they get with their island designs,” says James Howard, co-founder of Purple Yonder in a prepared statement.

We had high praise in our recommended Little Cities review last year, praising its new take on the city simulator genre in VR:

Little Cities is an impressive effort from Purple Yonder and an accomplished city simulator. It effectively adapts the genre’s traditional mechanics into a distilled format that feels native and well considered for VR. The focus on immersive city design is the right approach, backed up by brilliant visuals and audio. The control scheme and UI fades into the background, as it should, leaving you to intuitively build your city without it ever getting in your way.

Little Cities is out now on the Meta Quest platform for $19.99. A Pico version is also available, though DLC and post-launch updates are currently unavailable for it.

Little Cities Review: A Distilled City Simulator That Puts VR First

Little Cities presents a new take on the city simulator genre, built from the ground up for VR. While it takes a more relaxed approach than traditional titles, the result is a concise, native VR game with a solid foundation and plenty of room to expand. Read on for our

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