Job Simulator & Vacation Are Now Available On Pico Headsets

Owlchemy Labs announced this week that both Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are now available on Pico headsets.

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator remain two of the most popular titles available on VR headsets. The former was first released for the HTC Vive in 2016, but has since made its way over to almost every other major VR platform, including Quest and both PSVR headsets.

With the launch of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator on Pico headsets, Owlchemy ticks another major VR platform off its list.

Pico headsetsm such as Pico 4, are produced by ByteDance, the Chinese tech giant behind TikTok. The headsets are sold in China as well as a selection of other regions, including Japan, South Korea, Europe and more, with two separate store fronts for software – one specifically for China and one for other regions.

While the announcement tweet from Owlchemy specifically mentions launching on Pico headsets in China, Owlchemy CEO Andrew Eiche confirmed in a tweet that both titles are also available on the non-China Pico store front as well.

Owlchemy Labs is a veteran VR studio that remains committed to accessibility and pushing forward virtual and augmented reality design standards. Most recently, the studio has been demonstrating its work on designing for hand tracking as a primary input method. Besides being the cornerstone of its upcoming multiplayer VR game, Owlchemy also sees the burgeoning input method as part of the path in getting VR to mass market.

Owlchemy Demo Reaches For Mass Market VR Hand Tracking

Owlchemy’s hand tracking tech demo at GDC 2023 pointed to the future of mass market VR.

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