Humanity Update Adds Late-Game Mechanics To Stage Creator

Humanity’s Stage Creator now has more tools and mechanics for you to play around with.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses some late-game mechanics from Sequence 7 of Humanity’s story mode. If you’ve yet to play the campaign and don’t want to spoil those mechanics before you do, it might be best to hold off on reading any further.

The 1.07 Content Update for Humanity will add the Machines from Sequence 7 of Humanity to the game’s stage creator. This means you can now add Turrents, Drons, Lasers and Laser Blocks into your own stages, with various triggers and  options to adjust their behaviour.  

Enhance says that these mechanics were initially held back “to prevent spoiling some of the late-game story or mechanics and give budding stage creators in our community a chance to get familiar with the tools.” However, they’re now fully accessible, so you can make you own levels with Machines and share them to be played with other players in the community.

Humanity released earlier this year for PC and consoles, with optional VR support on PC and PSVR 2. Unfortunately though, it seems like the Stage Creator still isn’t properly supported in VR Mode. Unlike the rest of the game, Humanity’s Stage Creator reverts to a flat 2D display when opened in VR mode, with input handled by a controller or keyboard and mouse combo.

While it’s nice to see these late-game mechanics added to the Stage Creator, it remains a missed opportunity not to include a made-for-VR Stage Creator in VR Mode. Not only would this make the VR Mode feature complete with the flatscreen mode, but it also might be able to leverage motion controls to facilitate an easier, more tactile level design experience than you would get with button inputs via a controller or keyboard and mouse.

Nonetheless, Humanity is worth checking out if you’re looking for a solid and well-designed puzzler in VR – you can read our write-up below.

Humanity: Fantastic Puzzles With A Serviceable VR Mode

Humanity released this week, featuring a enjoyable VR mode that misses some key opportunities. Read more here:

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