Genotype Enters Open Beta Next Week On Quest 2

Genotype, the upcoming sci-fi adventure VR game, will receive an open beta next week on Quest 2.

After hitting its alpha milestone back in March, Danish studio Bolverk Games previously confirmed that an open beta test will take place on July 17 through the studio’s Discord server. “You will need a Quest 2 VR headset, as that is the primary headset the game will be optimized for,” states a brief FAQ on the official website.

Recently featured in the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023 with a new teaser trailer, Genotype promises a chilling “escape-the-dungeon” adventure. Set in Antarctica, you’ll explore an abandoned scientific facility and investigate what happened to its former research team. You’ll be able to print organisms and use their abilities with high-tech gloves, letting you take down strange creatures.

Here’s the official description:

Journey deep into a secret Antarctic research base overrun by strange alien organisms and wield a pair of high-tech gloves to print living organisms and defend yourself. Trapped deep under the ice, you will need to explore the large facility and solve the mystery of what happened to the people who worked there. The place crawls with hostile and strange creatures. The only human survivor seems to be slowly losing his mind and speaks about a giant organism he calls “The Leviathan.”

Genotype arrives in late 2023 on the Meta Quest platform, while the open beta test begins on July 17.

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