Border Bots VR Lines Up For Inspection Soon On Quest, SteamVR & PSVR 2

Set in a ‘light-hearted take on a robotic dystopia’, Border Bots VR will see you jump into the role of human border agent, available soon on most major VR platforms.

Developed by vTime Games, Border Bots VR is Team17’s second venture into VR publishing, following Killer Frequency. You play as a human border agent tasked with ensuring robots have necessary clearance before entering the city. That will involve analyzing documents for potential discrepancies, while robots can’t enter with unauthorized items or modifications.

Checks are assisted with gadgetry like a 3D printer, barcode scanner, and contraband detector. Alongside “performance review leaderboards,” Team17’s press release confirms new upgrades, gadgets and booth enhancements will become available as your career advances.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Border Bots VR, albeit previously under a different name. In 2018, Bloody Zombies studio Paw Print Games revealed Border Patrol before postponing development due to funding issues. Speaking to UploadVR, Team17 called Border Bots “a new version” of Border Patrol based on the same IP. This version is being developed by vTime Games, with Team17 working in partnership with the IP holder Paw Print for the publishing.

Border Bots VR is “coming soon” to Quest 2, SteamVR and PSVR 2.

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