Best Lights For iPhone Video Recording

In this article, we discuss the best lights for iPhone video recording that’ll take your iPhone video game from “meh” to mesmerizing.

Are your videos feeling a bit too Gotham City and not enough Times Square? Do you want your videos to stop looking like they were shot in the Batcave? 

Well, guess what? It’s time to ditch the darkness and let your videos bask in the limelight they truly deserve.

These lights will also help you in making FaceTime video calls and Zoom calls in better lighting conditions. This is great, as with these iPhone shooting lights, you can look nice and professional even if you are talking from the basement of your home.

So, are you ready to bring them into the spotlight?

Discover The Ultimate Portable iPhone Light for Video Recording

Whether you’re recording your latest vlog, busting out those dance moves, or narrating the adventures of your adorable pet, lighting can change the entire look of your video. 

With the best portable lights for iPhone, turn your videos into captivating mini-masterpieces that not only look professional but also ooze the kind of charm that keeps viewers hooked.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best lights for iPhone video recording. Let’s dive in!

1. Pilita 60 LED Selfie Light

Kick-starting our luminous journey is the Pilita 60 LED iPhone video recording light. Compact yet powerful, it’s like having your very own spotlight. 

What makes it one of the best lights for iPhone video recording is that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to lighting control. Imagine having your very own studio setup right at your fingertips. 

You can effortlessly adjust the color temperature and brightness to suit your mood and setting. Whether you’re aiming for that soft, 3200K warm light for a cozy vibe, the 4500K natural light for that just-stepped-outside glow, or the crisp 6500K white light for a fresh, vibrant look – it’s all at your command.

But what truly sets this light apart is its outstanding color rendering performance, boasting a Color Rendering Index (CRI ≥ 95), showcasing colors as close to reality as possible. 

Buy the Pilita 60 LED Selfie Light from Amazon for $27.99.

2. Meixitoy 20 LED Phone Light

The best selfie lights for iPhone, don’t underestimate the Meixitoy 20 LED Phone Light because of its small size. 

With a simple swipe, you can mix and match the perfect light colors that suit your vibe. Bright white for a professional touch, warm yellow for cozy moments, or a blend of both for a touch of magic – it’s like having a personal lighting designer in your pocket.

What makes it one of the best lights for iPhone video recording, is that it allows you to play with the temperature settings. From a toasty 2500k to a cool 9000k, the Meixitoy 20 LED Phone Light has got you covered for all your lighting needs. 

Buy the Meixitoy 20 LED Phone Light from Amazon for $29.99.


Picture-perfect videos await with the PICTRON VL28 LED Light, the best light for iPhone vlogging. With adjustable color temperatures, you can seamlessly switch between daylight and candlelight vibes.

The VL28 is super bright and ultra-mini – the perfect combination to ensure your videos are filled with stunning clarity without adding bulk to your gear. And hey, guess what? You won’t need to worry about constantly replacing batteries, because this little marvel comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep up with your shooting spree. Thus making it one of the best lights for iPhone video recording.

Speaking of shooting sprees, it’s tailor-made for vlogging. With a light angle of 120°, you can say goodbye to shadows and hello to radiant, well-lit frames. 

Oh, and at just 29g and with dimensions measuring 56.73525mm, it’s so pocket-friendly that you won’t even notice it’s there.

Buy the PICTRON VL28 LED Light from Amazon for $13.95.

4. ACNCTOP 64 LED Rechargeable Selfie Light

The best portable lights for iPhone, it’s a game-changer for those marathon recording sessions. Keep the spotlight on you, not on the battery percentage. 

With 5 lighting modes and 5 brightness levels, it’s your ticket to lighting perfection for every scenario you can imagine. But that isn’t what makes it one of the best lights for iPhone video recording. What sets this beauty apart is its built-in battery. 

Not only is it more durable, but it’s also lighter, making it a breeze to carry around. And this compact powerhouse can last between 4 to 6 hours on a single charge. 

Need a soft and stable light source for your makeup tutorials? Check. Want to add an extra pop to your selfies? Double-check. Capturing videos, live streams, or vlogs? You’re covered. The light’s spectrum of color temperatures – 3200k, 4000k, 4500k, 5500k, and 6500k – ensures that your photos and videos look their best, no matter the setting.

Buy the ACNCTOP 64 LED Rechargeable Selfie Light from Amazon for $16.99.

5. Weilisi Rechargeable Selfie Light

With the Weilisi iPhone light for video recording, adjustable brightness levels let you master the art of ambiance, whether you’re recording a makeup tutorial or sharing your latest recipe. 

One of the best lights for iPhone video recording, the Stepless Dimming feature gives it a competitive edge as it lets you take control of the lighting intensity. No more settling for too bright or too dim – you can adjust it just right, from a subtle glow to a spotlight. And speaking of settings, this light brings you a blend of 2700K tungsten light and cool 6500K daylight.

You can switch between different color temperatures (CCT) – 2700K, 3500K, 4200K, 5000K, and 5500K. And if you’re worried about your eyes, Weilisi has you covered. The gentle and eye-protective lighting technology ensures that you’re not squinting or straining while you record. 

Buy the Weilisi Rechargeable Selfie Light from Amazon for $29.99.

6. Eicaus Rechargeable Selfie Light

Elevate your videos to a new level of elegance with the Eicaus iPhone video recording light. This little powerhouse comes armed with an impressive set of features that are designed to make your content shine, whether you’re creating TikToks, snapping selfies, nailing video conferences, or just unleashing your creative side.

This light is like a chameleon that effortlessly adapts to your needs. It plays nice with your iPhone, Android, iPad, or even your trusty laptop. And oh, it’s compatible with flexible tripods, selfie stick tripods, and reflexed tripods? No matter your setup, this light’s got your back.

But the reason why this is one of the best lights for iPhone video recording is its portability. You can practically carry this pocket-sized powerhouse wherever your adventures take you. With its clip and adapter, you can mount it, stick it, or hold it – anytime, anywhere.

Buy the Eicaus Rechargeable Selfie Light from Amazon for $29.99.

7. Aureday Rechargeable Selfie Light

Equipped with multiple color options, using the best selfie lights for iPhone is like having your own rainbow at your fingertips.

One of its standout features is the remarkable long-lasting battery life. With a hefty 2000mAh built-in battery, this selfie light is ready to shine for hours on end. Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly changing batteries, and hello to uninterrupted, glowing goodness. 

And charging it is a breeze – simply connect it via a micro USB cable or the Type-C input, and you’re all set for your next adventure in impeccable lighting. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, ensuring you’ve got your lighting ace up your sleeve whenever you need it. Thus, making it one of the best lights for iPhone video recording.

Buy the Aureday Rechargeable Selfie Light from Amazon for $29.99.

Glow On the Go

A simple burst of light can turn an ordinary moment into a cinematic spectacle.

Whether you’re capturing your hilarious everyday escapades, sharing your expert beauty tips, or showcasing your artistic DIY projects, you need the best lights for iPhone vlogging. 

Why? Because with proper lighting, your videos will radiate warmth, your charisma will shine, and your audience won’t be able to look away.

So, go ahead, grab your favorite one out of these best lights for iPhone video recording, and let the fun, magic, and brilliance begin.

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