Automattic launches an AI writing assistant for WordPress

Automattic, the company behind and the main contributor to the open-source WordPress project, launched an AI assistant for the popular content management system on Tuesday.

The company said that the assistant easily integrates with and all Jetpack-powered sites. When you’re writing a post or a page, you can add an ‘AI Assistant’ block to your content. Users can then type in a prompt in natural language, the AI assistant will start generating text based on this prompt. Apart from generating content ideas, the AI assistant can create structured lists and tables within a blog post.

Additionally, it can change the tonality of a post and make it more informal, skeptical, humorous, confident, or empathetic. The assistant can also create a summary for the post and suggest titles for it.

Automattic said that the new AI assistant supports 12 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi. So writers can translate their content into multiple languages — they can write in their native language and translate it later to English for instance. The assistant also offers better spelling and grammar correction features than WordPress’s built-in tools.

Jetpack AI Assistant block will let users send 20 requests as a free trial. After that, they have to pay $10 per month to access the feature.

In the past few months, numerous writing tools have introduced a different set of AI-powered features. Google and Microsoft both are integrating different AI features into their professional application suites — including Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Separately, Google introduced Project Tailwind, an AI-powered note-taking experience, at Google I/O last month. Other writing solutions like Notion and Grammarly have also introduced AI-aided tools into their apps.

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