Twitter now allows subscribers to post 25,000-character-long tweets

Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, the platform has been expanding the limits of content you can post through one tweet. In its latest move, the company has increased the character count for a tweet to 25,000 for paid users.

The company made the change to its Twitter Blue page today indicating the limit. An engineer at Twitter, Prachi Poddar, also announced the change by posting a long tweet last week.

In February, Twitter increased the limit to 4,000 characters, later extending it to 10,000 characters in April. At that time, the company also introduced support for text formatting features like bold and italic.

Under previous management, the company made one change from going to 140 characters to 280 characters in the last decade. And for that step, it faced pushback from users.

Apart from increasing the character limit for tweets, the social media company has also allowed Twitter Blue subscribers to upload longer videos. Last December, Twitter started to allow paid users to upload 60-minute-long videos in 1080p. Last month, it increased this limit to two-hour videos. Music publishers sued Twitter for failing to stop the usage of unlicensed music on the platform — in the case filing, the plaintiffs made a note of the video expansion feature.

With the new character limit expansion, users can probably post long-form articles or short stories altogether. Musk is making sure that you don’t run out of words while doing that. In comparison to Twitter, rival platforms like Mastodon (500 characters) and Bluesky (300 characters) have much lower limits per post. And it’s true that these long posts can be tedious to read on the platform. Maybe Twitter could think about improving the reading experience for users next.

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