Subaru doubles its plans for new EVs, targeting 8 models by 2028

It seems like Subaru is finally getting ready to release a full lineup of electric vehicles.

Known for clever marketing schemes that won over sporty lesbians, dog-loving dinks, outdoorsy families and Crocodile Dundee fans alike, the Japanese automaker has so far lagged behind the competition as far is its electrification plans go. The firm was late to the party with the launch of its first EV — the 2023 Solterra crossover.

Subaru says it’s ready to get serious. At least, that’s what the conglomerate told investors today.

Subaru upped its EV sales goals on Wednesday during its quarterly earnings report. It now aims to sell 600,000 EVs per year by 2030 — a milestone that would make up roughly half of the firm’s global sales. Most of these sales will come from the U.S., Subaru’s biggest market. The automaker also said it would boost its planned battery-electric lineup to eight models.

Earlier this year, Subaru announced that would up its electric-vehicle lineup to four vehicles by 2026, and now the conglomerate plans to double that lineup by the end of 2028. In the mix is a three-row electric SUV, which Toyota will reportedly build for Subaru in Kentucky starting in 2025, according to Automotive News.

Subaru added that it plans to back up these announcements by investing around $10.5 billion (1.5 trillion yen) toward its electrification efforts “by around 2030.”

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