Skyline raises $3.35M to clean skyscraper windows with robots

Sometimes conceptualizing automation requires some stretching of the imagination. It’s not always clear why some tasks are prioritized — or how that automation might be implemented. And then there’s window cleaning. While it’s true that window cleaning safety has come a long way since the birth of the skyscraper, it’s still a time and labor-intensive process that’s not without its risks.

Skyline was founded in 2017 with that clear target in mind. We first covered the Israeli firm in March of last year when it announced what it referred to as a “pre-Series A” worth $6.5 million. That came after $2.5 million in seed funding. At the time time, the company was celebrating the deployment of is façade maintenance (a fancy term for building/window cleaning) robot, Ozmo.

The startup just added another $3.35 million in funding, bringing its to-date raise up to $12 million. This funding arrives by way of a SAFE Note (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). You can read more about that process in Rebecca’s recent writeup here, but simply put, it’s a method for raising money when investing has slowed that gives investors future access to equity in your early-stage firm.

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CEO Michael Brown alludes to such fundraising challenges in a statement, noting:

Despite a difficult economy, Skyline Robotics remains an attractive target to investors and was able to raise funding at more attractive terms than in previous rounds, which is uncommon in today’s market. This vote of investor confidence is based on validated milestones the company continues to achieve as well as our overall business approach, proven go-to-market strategy and demand for our robotics solution.

The company currently has systems deployed in New York City, as well as patent grants in Japan and Singapore. Skyline says the funding will be used for “the company’s ongoing 2023 business operation plans,” including expansion into additional cities and countries.

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