Sequoia does to itself what the Biden administration wants to do with Google

Mary Ann and Alex are back, and once again this week they tapped the TechCrunch roster for expert input. This week the Equity crew were thrilled to welcome Jacquie back to the show!

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It was a hectic week, with little in the way of the traditional Summer Slowdown making itself known. So, here’s the show rundown!

  • WWDC in a nutshell: In case you missed it, Apple had a big event this week. On tap were the usual run of software updates, and improved computers in both laptop and desktop format. And, you know, that other thing.
  • Affirm partners with Amazon (again): This is not Affirm’s first tie-up with Amazon, but investors are pretty excited that the pair of companies are once again linking arms. As we continue to wait for mega-unicorn Klarna’s IPO — more notes here — we are keeping our ears close the BNPL ground.
  • Cava’s IPO continues to delight Alex: What has an IPO coming up and has this little podcast in a tizzy? Yep, it’s Cava, the fast-casual chain that, thanks to a dollop or two of venture capital money, we get to cover!
  • All things SEC and Crypto: The SEC broke into its hammer closet so that it could go play whack-a-mole this week with crypto exchanges both foreign and domestic.
  • Sequoia does to itself what regulators want to do to Google: What has three parts and is now competing with itself? Sequoia. Think of it like an inverse Google, if you will.
  • How real estate will affect the climate crisis: It turns out that construction is not so good for the planet. And with a commercial real estate crisis brewing, can we add one to one and get five?

Next week, Equity is on vacation! We’re taking a breather before launching into another massive run of shows, but we’ll be back before you know it.

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