Need to charge your EV? Apple Maps will show open spots near you

Apple has added a new feature in iOS 17 designed to help EV drivers find available chargers.

On Wednesday at its annual developer conference WWDC 2023, the tech company previewed a series of new features and services that will be available in the newest software update, including real-time EV charging availability information provided via Apple Maps. The feature, along with the other services in iOS 17, are coming this fall.

Once the service is installed, EV drivers can use a filter to search for availability within different charging networks and by plug type. Users with compatible vehicles will be able to designate a preferred charging network, according to Apple.

Apple has had its eyes on EV owners for a few years now. The company launched an EV routing feature during WWDC 2020. The EV routing feature shows charging stations compatible with a user’s electric vehicle along their route. EV routing also tracks the user’s current charge and factors in elevation and other conditions to determine whether to automatically add charging stops along their route.

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