Best Blur Effect Apps To Blur Photos On iPhone

In this blog, we discuss the best apps to add blur effects to photos so you can transform ordinary photos into extraordinary visual stories.

You see, not every shot comes out Instagram-ready straight from the camera roll. I mean, sure our iPhones are great for capturing life’s moments on the fly, but the journey from a raw snapshot to an attention-grabbing post isn’t always a smooth one. 

Think about it – our lives are filled with dynamic moments, bustling backgrounds, and unexpected interruptions. iOS blur effect apps give you the power to focus on what matters most in your photos. From candid shots and family photos to vibrant cityscapes, these apps help draw attention to the main subject, turning a cluttered background into a complementary canvas.

Picture-Perfect Photos with the Best Blur Effect Apps for iPad and iPhone

Blur effect apps go beyond mere editing. They offer a means to infuse your photos with personality, depth, and a unique visual language that speaks volumes. So, are you ready to explore the six best apps to add blur effect to photos? Let’s go!

1. Blur Photo Effect Background

Blur Photo Effect Background is your ticket to easily blur unwanted details, remove blemishes, and sprinkle your photos with amazing filter effects. The versatility is truly astounding as you can either subtly enhance your images or go big and create high-resolution wallpapers with pixel-perfect edits. 

A feature that marks it as one of the best apps to add blur effect to photos is Blur Brush. Wondering why? Because it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. You get adjustable strength and soft/hard brushes, ensuring your edits are as precise as you want them to be. And if you’re into creating a focal point, the Focus Blur feature lets you do just that. As for filters, there are 13 of them to be exact. From classic black and white to vibrant hues, these filters let you customize the mood of your photos effortlessly. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The blur effect app for iPhone comes armed with a blemisher remover, giving you the power to banish imperfections and make your portraits truly flawless. Moreover, it has an entire suite of editing tools paired with a user-friendly interface.

Download Blur Photo Effect Background now.

2. Blur Photo Editor

For a seamless editing experience, Blur Photo Editor stands out as one of the best apps to add blur effect to photos on both iPhone and iPad. Its precision in blurring backgrounds makes it a go-to choice for concealing sensitive information like license plates or credit card numbers. Moreover, as it features an extensive collection of blur effects, this iPhone blur effect app empowers you to craft visually stunning pictures with ease. And it’s not just limited to blurring. The app provides powerful photo editing tools like crop, rotate, saturation, and mask, ensuring your photos are share-ready with the perfect adjustments.

However, the option to unblur parts of an image that may have been accidentally blurred is the best part. This makes the app not just a blurring tool but a versatile photo correction tool as well. Plus, the “My Project” feature ensures your work in progress is automatically saved, providing a seamless editing experience. Add the diverse selection of blur tools to the list and it becomes the best editing app.

Download Blur Photo Editor now.

3. Blur Video & Photo BlurEffect

Looking for an app to add blur to background like a professional photographer would? Well, enter BlurEffect, one of the best apps to add blur effects to photos. To start with, the “Blur” effect is your go-to for adding a subtle, dreamy haze to your photos, perfect for turning distracting backgrounds into works of art. While the Soft Focus takes it up a notch, creating a gentle, ethereal glow that adds a touch of magic to portraits. And there’s more in the toolbox. Ever wanted to give your photos a quirky twist? Pixelate and Hexagon Pixelate bring a whole new dimension to your visuals. 

Pixelate adds a cool, retro vibe, while Hexagon Pixelate turns your images into a mesmerizing mosaic of geometric shapes, giving your photos an avant-garde edge. Now, let’s talk about Motion Blur. This feature injects dynamic energy into your shots as if capturing a split second of movement. But that’s not all – Prism, Polka Dot, and Zoom Blur are like the icing on the cake. Prism bathes your photos in a spectrum of colors, turning them into vibrant visual feasts. Whereas, Polka Dot adds a playful touch, perfect for injecting some fun into your images. And then there’s Zoom Blur, which brings a dynamic sense of motion to your photos.

Download Blur Video & Photo BlurEffect now.

4. Blur Photo Background

Simple yet powerful, Blur Photo Background stands out with its quick and effective blur tools. With a simple touch, you can now selectively censor photos with a blur effect on your iPhone or unblur any part of your image. This means you get to control the focus and eliminate distracting backgrounds or unwanted elements in your photos as needed.

But here’s where it gets exciting, the Unique Blur Effects. You don’t just get some regular blur, we’re talking about Gaussian Blur for that smooth and subtle touch. Plus, Zoom Blur for a dynamic and dramatic effect, and Motion Blur to add a sense of action and movement to your photos. The versatility in blur options is what marks it as one of the best apps to add blur effects to photos. And if that’s not enough, say hello to the Mosaic Effect. Pixelate, crystallize, add dots, or give your photos a glassy finish.

Moreover, the Zoom feature in this app allows you to zoom and rotate, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Oh, and did we mention Full Resolution? That’s right, no compromise on the quality of your photos.

Download Blur Photo Background now.

5. Photo Blur: Motion Effects

If you love dynamic effects, Photo Blur: Motion Effects is designed for you. First things first, Photo Blur keeps it simple from the get-go. Do you know what sets it apart among the best apps to add blur effect to photos? The flexibility to choose between photo or background mode, a handy feature that lets you dictate where the magic happens. However, the drag-and-blur functionality is the real gem. With just the touch of your finger, you’re in control. 

More importantly, the iPhone blur background app doesn’t just stop at delivering exceptional results, it does so with impressive speed. The fully automatic result is instant, giving you more time to enjoy the creative process and less time navigating through complex settings. Plus, saving your masterpiece is a breeze, and sharing it directly on social media is the cherry on top. 

Download Photo Blur: Motion Effects now.

6. Photo Blur Editor

Photo Blur Editor is a versatile app to edit iPhone photos to add blur effects and caters to both novice and expert editors. Look, it doesn’t make you jump through hoops. With just a simple touch of your finger, you can seamlessly add a professional-level blur to your pictures, making it one of the best apps to add blur effects to photos. As for customization, Photo Blur isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It lets you choose your blur intensity and size so whether you want a subtle background fade or an intense focus on your subject, the power is in your hands. And it’s not just about the blur, it’s about the details. With zoom and pan features, you can dive into the nitty-gritty, ensuring every inch of your photo gets the attention it deserves. 

We all know that perfection is a process, and that’s where the undo and redo features come in handy. Did you make a tiny oopsie in your editing journey? No worries, Photo Blur supports the good ol’ undo and redo, letting you fine-tune your photos without breaking a sweat.

Download Photo Blur Editor now.

Cinematic Shots Made Easy

It’s not just about making things blurry for the sake of it. With the free blur effect app for iPhone, you can create depth and emphasis. More importantly, the best apps to add blur effect to photos allow you to control the intensity and direction of the blur, letting you tailor the visual experience to suit the mood of your photo. Therefore, in a way, it’s like having your own personal lens expert that allows you to guide the viewer’s eyes exactly where you want them to go.

As you dive into the world of blur effect apps, experiment with motion effects and emphasize what matters. Above all, let your photos speak a language that resonates with anyone who lays eyes on them. 

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