SK Telecom outlines its plans with AI partners

SK Telecom (SKT) is taking significant steps to solidify its position in the global AI ecosystem. 

The company recently held a meeting at its Silicon Valley headquarters with CEOs from four new AI partners – CMES, MakinaRocks, Scatter Lab, and FriendliAI – to discuss business cooperation and forge a path towards leadership in the AI industry.

SKT has been actively promoting AI transformation through strategic partnerships and collaborations with various AI companies. During MWC 2023, the company announced partnerships with seven AI companies: SAPEON, Bespin Global, Moloco, Konan Technology, Swit, Phantom AI, and Tuat.

During the meeting, SKT’s CEO Ryu Young-sang outlined the company’s AI vision and discussed its business plans with the AI partners. The executives from SKT and its AI partners engaged in in-depth discussions on major global AI trends, the latest technological achievements, ongoing R&D projects, and global business and investment opportunities.

One of the notable discussions took place between SKT and CMES, an AI-powered robotics company.

SKT and CMES exchanged views and ideas on the development of pricing plans for “Robot as a Service (RaaS)” and subscription-based business models for AI-driven RaaS tailored for enterprises.

RaaS is gaining attention as a cost-effective alternative to additional manpower or infrastructure investment for automation. The demand for RaaS is expected to grow rapidly in sectors such as logistics, delivery, construction, and healthcare.

Furthermore, SKT aims to collaborate with Scatter Lab, a renowned AI startup known for its Lee Lu-da chatbot. The company plans to integrate an emotional AI agent into its AI service, ‘A.’

Additionally, SKT discussed strategies for synergy creation with MakinaRocks, a startup specialising in industrial AI solutions, and FriendliAI, a startup that provides a platform for developing generative AI models. By joining forces, the companies aim to establish a leading position in the global AI market.

Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT, commented:

“Now with our AI partners on board, we have completed the blueprint for driving new growth in the global market.

We will work together to develop diverse cooperation opportunities in AI, and bring our AI technologies and services to the global market.”

By harnessing the expertise and technologies of its AI partners, SKT is well-positioned to lead the global AI ecosystem and deliver innovative AI solutions to the market.

(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

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