Samsung unveils the Galaxy Ring

Samsung unveiled new updates and innovations at the Galaxy Unpacked. The tech giant unveiled the all-new S24 series, featuring an array of AI-powered features developed through a collaboration with Google. The partnership with Google, facilitated Samsung to integrate the services of Google’s Gemini AI and introduce features such as Notes Assist, Android Auto, real-time voice call translations and many more. The entire event centered around Samsung’s commitment to advancing AI technologies.

As the event concluded, Samsung left the audience intrigued with a teaser for an entirely new product in their lineup – the Galaxy Ring. It has been the subject of numerous discussions in the past. In early 2023, leaks surfaced regarding the trademark of the name “Galaxy Ring”. The teaser at the end of the event has induced excitement among tech enthusiasts.

The teaser hinted at health tracking capabilities and AI integration, but specific details such as the release date and price remain undisclosed as of now. The Ring would work with Samsung’s new health suite, called ‘My Vitality Score’, with users getting detailed data on their health parameters.

On the hardware front of Galaxy Ring, further updates from the South Korean brand are awaited.

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