CarPlay In iOS 17 Is Getting SharePlay Support And More

Last year Apple announced some big news for the ‘next generation of CarPlay‘ which includes a full-fledged vehicle system that will allow users to control different features of their car and see widgets on the speedometer screen.

This year Apple didn’t talk about CarPlay as much, however, that does not mean the company is not bringing any new features to the in-car infotainment platform.

Apple has announced that iOS 17 will introduce SharePlay support in the Music app on CarPlay. This new feature will make it possible for Apple Music users to allow all passengers in the vehicle to play their favorite music and contribute to the now-playing music.

The primary user will be able to initiate a SharePlay session while others can join in and contribute their favorite songs to the playlist. An Apple Music subscription won’t be required for passengers to join the SharePlay session.

Apple Maps app on CarPlay has also received a new feature. Just like on iPhone, Apple Maps on CarPlay will show real-time charging availability information based on the user’s preferred charging network.

You will be able to use the new features like SharePlay support in CarPlay and charging network information in Apple Maps after updating your device to iOS 17. The features should also be available for testing on devices running iOS 17 developer beta.

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