Best Travel Friendly USB-C Hubs For MacBook Air (2024)

In this article, we’re diving into the world of best travel friendly USB-C hubs tailored specifically for your MacBook Air.

Whether you’re a digital nomad hopping from one coffee shop to another, a jet setter traversing continents, or simply someone who values versatility in their tech setup, finding the perfect USB-C dock can make all the difference.

These compact-sized USB-C hubs for MacBook act as the unsung heroes, transforming your MacBook Air into a versatile workstation. With a single connection, you can expand your device’s capabilities, connecting to multiple peripherals, charging your laptop, and ensuring you’re ready for any professional or entertainment task that comes your way.

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Best USB-C Hubs for MacBook Air

Join us as we explore the best travel friendly USB-C hubs for MacBook Air out there, unlocking the full potential of your MacBook Air wherever your adventures take you.

1. Anker 332 USB-C Hub (5-in-1)

The Anker 332 USB-C Hub is the ultimate solution for streamlining your connectivity needs and supercharging your productivity. Boasting a comprehensive 5-in-1 Connectivity design, this hub is engineered to redefine your user experience. Dive into a world of possibilities with its 4K HDMI port, a high-speed 5 Gbps USB-C data port, and two versatile 5 Gbps USB-A ports, complemented by a powerful 100W PD-IN port.

What makes this small USB-C dock stand out is its ability to provide Powerful Pass-Through Charging, supporting an impressive 85W. Keep your laptop juiced up while making the most of the hub’s features.

Experience lightning-speed file transfers with the USB-C and USB-A data ports, reaching up to 5 Gbps. Bid farewell to sluggish data transfers and embrace a new era of efficiency with this one of the best hubs for MacBook Air. Revolutionize your viewing experience with the HD Display feature. Hook up to the HDMI port and effortlessly stream or mirror content to an external monitor in breathtaking 4K resolution at 30Hz.

Buy Anker 332 USB-C Hub (5-in-1) for $18.85 here.

2. UGREEN Revodok 107 USB C Hub

Next on our list of the best MacBook Air USB-C hubs is the UGREEN Revodok 107. It is not just a hub; it’s a game-changer, elevating your connectivity experience to new heights. With its robust feature set, universal compatibility, and sleek design, it’s the perfect companion for both work and play, ensuring that you’re always connected, charged, and ready for whatever the day brings.

Compatibility is key, and this hub delivers on that front with flying colors. It’s plug-and-play compatible with a wide array of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck. Whether you’re using Windows 11/10/8.1/8, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, iPad OS, or Android, rest assured that this hub seamlessly integrates into your setup without the hassle of driver installations.

Furthermore, streamline your workflow with the inclusion of an SD/TF card reader and 2 USB 3.0 ports, allowing for effortless data transfer and access to external storage devices. From photos and videos to documents and presentations, managing your files has never been easier or more convenient.

Buy UGREEN Revodok 107 USB C Hub for $49.99 here.


The NOVOO USB C Hub is the essential companion designed exclusively for Apple families, seamlessly compatible with Mac, MacBook Pro/Air, and iPad Pro. Elevate your connectivity experience with a host of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of your devices.

Experience the convenience of high-speed charging with our USB C Hub. Compatible with 100W USB-C power adapters, it ensures a rapid power supply to your MacBook Pro and other devices, keeping you powered up for the tasks ahead. Powered by the advanced GL823K chip, this one of the best hubs for backpack ensures not just performance but also safety. Maintain a cooler operational temperature and stable performance, providing an added layer of protection for your valuable devices.

Featuring two high-speed USB-A 3.0 ports capable of 5Gb/s transfer speed, our USB C Hub facilitates quick data transfer and charging up to [email protected]. With a plug-and-play design, there’s no need for additional software or drivers – simply connect and experience seamless functionality.

Buy NOVOO USB C Hub for $19.99 here.

4. Anker 6-in-1 USB C Hub

The Anker 6-in-1 USB C Hub is your ultimate solution for expanding connectivity and unleashing the full potential of your devices. With the Anker Advantage, you’re not just getting a hub; you’re tapping into the power of over 65 million users who trust our cutting-edge technology.

Experience massive expansion like never before with a range of versatile ports designed to cater to all your connectivity needs. Whether you’re a multitasking pro, a creative enthusiast, or a business traveler, this MacBook Air USB-C hubs in 2024 has you covered. With a Power Delivery input port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, USB-C data port, and two USB data ports, you have all the connections you need right at your fingertips.

Enhance your media experience with seamless connectivity to external displays thanks to the HDMI port. Whether you’re giving a presentation, streaming your favorite content, or simply extending your workspace, the HDMI port supports resolutions up to 4K@30Hz, delivering stunning clarity and detail for an immersive viewing experience.

Buy Anker 6-in-1 USB C Hub for $35 here.

5. Baseus USB C Docking Station

The Baseus USB C Docking Station is the ultimate solution for seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity. Experience the brilliance of 4K@60Hz resolution with the USB C hub multiport adapter, which effortlessly mirrors or extends your display, bringing every frame to life with ultra-high definition clarity. Whether indulging in a cinematic experience at home or dissecting intricate data reports at work, the USB C hub HDMI ensures crystal-clear visuals that rival the big screen.

Unlock the era of lightning-fast data transfer with the USB C hub’s 10Gbps USB-C data port and two USB-A data ports. This USB C docking station redefines efficiency, offering a silky-smooth experience that keeps pace with your demands.

Simplify your workflow with the one-click screen-off button, a feature designed for privacy and convenience. With just a single click, discreetly turn off the extended screen without disrupting your computer’s normal functionality. The USB C docking station safeguards your privacy efficiently while saving you time from repeatedly plugging and unplugging devices.

Buy Baseus USB C Docking Station for $35.99 here.

6. JSAUX USB-C Laptop Docking Station

Featuring a USB-C to USB-C 3.2 cable, the JSAUX Docking Station ensures quick and reliable connectivity. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or working on important projects, its Gigabit Ethernet support guarantees speedy networking, keeping you connected without interruptions.

One of its standout features is its support for 100W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charging. From tablets to notebooks and even the latest gaming gadgets like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, this MacBook Air dock provides a reliable power source for all your devices. It’s worth noting that while the MAX charging speed of the Steam Deck is 45W and the ROG Ally’s turbo mode may require a power supply over 65W, the docking station ensures efficient charging, keeping your devices powered up when you need them most.

With 8K HDMI and DisplayPort capabilities, you can enjoy stunning visuals on a single 8K display or dual 4K displays, enhancing your viewing experience and boosting productivity. Whether you’re presenting a project or multitasking between applications, this docking station optimizes your workflow with ease.

Buy JSAUX USB-C Laptop Docking Station for $59.99 here.

7. Hiearcool USB C Hub

Experience stunning visuals with the 4K HDMI feature, delivering lifelike images at 3840 x 2160@30Hz resolution. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and sharp details, whether you’re streaming your favorite content or presenting a project.

With support for up to 100W USB C pass-through charging, the Hiearcool USB C Hub is the perfect companion for your MacBook Pro/Air and other USB C devices. Efficiency is key, and this USB C Hub delivers with two high-speed USB-A 3.0 ports. Transfer data at up to 5Gb/s for quick and seamless file transfers, while also providing charging capabilities up to [email protected].

Designed for portability, the Hiearcool USB C Hub is crafted from durable Aluminium Alloy Casting and weighs just 2.4 ounces. Slip it into your pocket or laptop bag and take it with you wherever you go. Plus, with support for SD/TF cards up to 2TB and read/write speeds of 5Gbps, you can easily access and transfer your files on the fly.

Buy Hiearcool USB C Hub for $19.99 here.

8. LENTION 3.3FT Long Cable USB C Hub

The LENTION CB-C37 USB C Hub is designed with innovation and flexibility in mind to enhance your device’s capabilities and streamline your workspace. With its remarkable 3.3 feet long cable, this hub offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to freely adjust your desktop layout and maximize efficiency.

Experience seamless connectivity with both video and audio capabilities. Effortlessly mirror or extend your desktop onto HDMI-enabled TVs, monitors, or projectors, unlocking a world of possibilities for presentations, entertainment, and productivity. Supporting resolutions up to 3840×2160 4K@30Hz, 2560×1600 at 60Hz, and backward compatible with 2K@75Hz and 1080P@144Hz, it ensures stunning visuals every time. Plus, with a 3.5mm audio port supporting mic in and out functionalities, enjoy crystal-clear sound for your multimedia needs.

The LENTION CB-C37 USB C Hub boasts dual USB C ports, each serving distinct purposes to cater to your diverse needs. One port is dedicated solely to charging, offering power pass-through of up to 60W, ensuring that your devices stay powered throughout your busy day. Meanwhile, the other port facilitates high-speed data transfer with USB 3.0 standard, delivering speeds of up to 5Gbps for seamless file transfers and peripheral connectivity. Remarkably, both ports can operate simultaneously, providing unparalleled versatility and convenience for your workflow.

Buy LENTION 3.3FT Long Cable USB C Hub for $35.99 here.

To Conclude

The world of travel just got a whole lot more exciting for MacBook Air users in 2024, thanks to the incredible lineup of MacBook Air USB-C hubs designed with the modern adventurer in mind. These compact powerhouses redefine convenience, offering a seamless blend of versatility and performance that’s bound to elevate your on-the-go computing experience.

So, buckle up, MacBook enthusiasts, because the future of travel-friendly technology is here, and it’s as thrilling as the destinations you’re headed to!

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