Best MagSafe Tripod Mounts For iPhone

In this blog, we discuss the 8 best MagSafe tripod mounts that provide the stability you need, turning your iPhone into a mini DSLR.

Ever been in the middle of capturing a stunning sunset when your hand decides it wants to add an artistic touch of its own? And you’ve never known the struggles of photography until you try to take a group photo. Someone always gets cropped out, and you end up with a collection of half-faces and heads. 

What’s even the point of climbing on chairs or bending like a contortionist to get the right shot when it’s not going to come out right? That’s exactly why you need tripod mounts or MagSafe selfie sticks for iPhone.

A MagSafe tripod is one of the essential iPhone photography accessories that every iPhone user needs to own.

Your Guide to the Best MagSafe Tripod Mounts in 2024

Whether you’re into vlogging, creating captivating time-lapses, or just want great group pictures, these are the best photography mounts with MagSafe. So, let’s explore the eight best MagSafe tripod mounts and turn your iPhone into a stable, reliable photography companion.

1. MOFT MagSafe Tripod Mount for iPhone

The MOFT MagSafe tripod mount for iPhone 15/14/13/12 Series stands tall, quite literally. It boasts an impressive 8 inches in height, giving you a free ticket to reaching new photographic heights. But it’s the stability it offers that can make even the iPhone 14 Pro Max strike a pose without a wobble in sight. 

Moreover, this tripod is the epitome of pocket-friendly. It’s as slim as a credit card and effortlessly attaches to your phone and slips into any sleek pocket without adding bulk. However, what sets the MOFT apart from the best MagSafe tripod mounts is its origami-inspired design.

In a matter of seconds, this one-piece wonder transforms into a creative studio on the go. And thanks to a hinge and magnetic design, precise angle adjustment is at your fingertips. 

Buy the MOFT MagSafe Tripod Mount for iPhone for $39.99 here.

2. Sensyne Magstick Selfie Stick Tripod

If you prioritize versatility, Sensyne’s Magstick Selfie Stick Tripod is a solid choice as it’s an all-in-one solution equipped with precision-crafted, high-quality magnets.

The magnetic ring on the back of your iPhone (12,13,14,15 series) effortlessly attaches to the mount, ensuring a secure connection. For other phone models, a reliable bracket provides a snug fit, making it one of the best MagSafe tripod mounts for all models and preferences.

With a single pull, the extendable pole reaches up to an impressive 62 inches, allowing you to capture stunning photos and footage from wider angles and higher vantage points.

Moreover, the Sensyne MagStick takes convenience a step further with its detachable Bluetooth remote shutter. Plus, it can fold down to just 14 inches and thus ensures hands-free selfies and photos within a 10-meter (33ft) range. 

Buy the Sensyne Magstick iPhone Tripod for $49.99 here.

3. Araree MAGFIE Pod iPhone Tripod Mount

Araree’s MAGFIE Pod is all about simplicity and reliability. Made from durable aluminum, the adjustable design of the MagSafe-compatible selfie stick extends up to 27 inches.

Therefore, you can use it to capture both close-up details and stunning long-distance shots. Need a steady base for your iPhone in various settings? Flip it open, and it transforms into a reliable tripod.

Moreover, the magnetic mount feature takes stability up a notch. Thanks to powerful neodymium magnets, your device stays firmly in place, eliminating the anxiety of accidental drops.

Adding to its arsenal of features, it comes equipped with a wireless remote control, catering to diverse shooting environments. With a reliable range of up to 50 yards, this remote ensures effortless long-distance photography, making it one of the best MagSafe tripod mounts.

Buy the Araree MAGFIE Pod iPhone Tripod Mount for $30.99 here.

4. UBeesize MagSafe Selfie Stick for iPhone

Are you a vlogger or someone who adores capturing group shots? UBeesize has you covered with its MagSafe selfie sticks for iPhone.

What sets this gem apart is its MagSafe and Magnetic Adhesion feature as a simple touch attaches your phone securely, and a quick pull extends the tripod. Plus, when the photo session is over, it collapses to a mere 14 inches, fitting snugly into your bag for on-the-go convenience.

Additionally, it’s equipped with an Embedded Wireless Remote so you can take group photos without needing anyone else.

With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the remote triggers your phone from a whopping 33 feet away, ensuring you can capture the perfect shot without breaking a sweat. Thus marking it as one of the best MagSafe tripod mounts.

Buy the UBeesize MagSafe Selfie Stick for iPhone for $44.99 here.

5. Spigen S319 iPhone Tripod Mount

Spigen’s S319 is a no-nonsense tripod mount, hailed as one of the best photography mounts with MagSafe. Crafted with a premium blend of PC, Aluminum, Steel Plate, and a metal ring, the Spigen S319 (MagFit+) stands among the best MagSafe tripod mounts.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Those non-slip adjustable legs effortlessly transform into a tripod, a kickstand, and a grip for engaging landscape and portrait mode. 

What’s more, the ultra-portable design of the Spigen S319 takes convenience up a notch. It folds into itself seamlessly, making it perfect for on-the-go photography.

As for connectivity, the MagFit+ Technology ensures a smart and seamless connection with other MagSafe accessories without the need to remove the stand. This tripod stand isn’t just compatible with any iPhone 12 or newer but also snugly fits MagSafe-compatible cases.

Buy the Spigen S319 iPhone Tripod Mount for $34.99 here.

6. ULANZI Magnetic iPhone Tripod Mount

ULANZI offers the most robust and reliable MagSafe-compatible selfie stick and tripod mount. With a swift, one-handed operation, you can effortlessly attach your iPhone without fussing with multiple steps.

And it’s MagSafe-compatible without the need for an additional case. Also, for those rocking non-MagSafe models, worry not, a magnetic phone case or magnetic ring gets the job done seamlessly. 

Now, let’s talk flexibility. The universal 1/4″ interface allows the magnetic base to detach and integrate with other 1/4″ screw interfaces like ball heads and tripods.

This feature opens up a world of possibilities for live broadcasts and various shooting scenarios, making it one of the best MagSafe tripod mounts. Weighing in at a mere 90 grams, this mini extendable selfie stick is a lightweight powerhouse. 

Buy the ULANZI Magnetic iPhone Tripod Mount for $39.95 here.

7. OMOTON MagSafe Tripod Mount for iPhone

The OMOTON MagSafe tripod mount for iPhone takes convenience and stability to a whole new level. Thanks to the magnetic force and vacuum suction of the O-Mag phone tripod, attaching your phone is hassle-free.

Whether you’re transitioning into selfie stick mode, desktop mode, or classic tripod mode, the switch is smooth, safe, and effortless, enhancing your MagSafe tripod experience. 

What makes it one of the best MagSafe tripod mounts is the remarkable height this tripod offers – a whopping 64 inches.

Thanks to a 7-section adjustable aluminum telescopic pole, you can capture the perfect shot at any angle. Plus, the 360° rotation for your phone, easy switching between portrait and landscape modes, and a 180° flip of the tripod arm make it a versatile option.

Buy the OMOTON iMagSafe Tripod Mount for iPhone for $52.99 here.

8. CPLR MagStik iPhone Tripod

CPLR boasts a versatile and reliable MagSafe tripod mount in 2024. One of MagStik’s standout features that makes it one of the best MagSafe tripod mounts is its magnetic attachment system, ensuring a stable and wobble-free connection.

This innovative design guarantees that each shot is as clear and crisp as the last. As for flexibility, MagStik takes it up a notch with an adjustable extension of up to 27 inches. You can easily find that sweet spot for wide-angle group shots or nail the perfect angle for those intimate selfies.

With a reliable range of 50+ yards, this nifty addition puts you in control of your shots. So, there’s no need to awkwardly reach for your phone or rely on timers. MagStik empowers you to experiment with angles, be part of the frame, and capture stunning compositions effortlessly.

Buy the CPLR MagStik iPhone Tripod for $32.99 here.

Snap and Stick

No more shaky hands, awkward angles, or missed group photos. As soon as you get your hands on the best photography mounts with MagSafe, your iPhone photography game will never be the same. Think about it, with a MagSafe tripod mount, you’re not just avoiding blurry mishaps but also unlocking a world of creative freedom. 

From nailing that perfect sunset shot to recording hands-free tutorials or even acing the group photo game, these mounts are the key to turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

What’s your go-to MagSafe tripod mount? Which one of the eight best MagSafe tripod mounts are you eyeing? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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