Best Folio Cases For 11-inch iPad Pro In 2024

In this blog, we discuss the 8 best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro that boast style, protection, and versatility – all rolled into one neat package. 

Now, we know, the iPad is a sleek beast on its own. But trust us, it needs a buddy not just to amp up the protection but to add to its functionality as well. Think spills, bumps, and accidental acrobatics. Pretty nerve-wracking scenarios, right? 

But hey the good news is, your 11-inch iPad Pro can effortlessly navigate the daily chaos without breaking a sweat, all thanks to folio cases. 

The Must-Have 11-Inch iPad Pro Folio Cases This Year

Sure, folio cases do look good but they bring more than just protection and visual appeal to the table. These cases are extremely versatile. Need a makeshift stand for your impromptu Netflix binge? Your folio case has your back. Plus, most of them come with nifty little pockets for your Apple Pencil or other essentials, making it a convenient all-in-one package. So, let’s discuss the eight best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro 2024 has to offer. 

1. Apple Smart Folio for iPad Pro 11-inch

While Apple’s Smart Folio offers a perfect fit and robust protection, it does so without compromising style. Although the aesthetics are the best part of this smart folio case for 11-inch iPad Pro, its precise construction also provides comprehensive front and back protection.

However, if we’re being honest, its intelligence is what marks it as one of the best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro. Open it, and your iPad Pro wakes up, ready for action. Close it, and the device slips into slumber, conserving battery life for your next adventure. 

As for versatility, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything. You can easily fold the Smart Folio into various positions, transforming it into a versatile stand. Front and back protection? Check. Intelligent sleep-wake function? Check. Adaptive stand for all your viewing needs? Check.

Buy the Apple Smart Folio for iPad Pro 11-inch for $69 here.

2. ESR iPad Pro Folio Case

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite combo – affordability and functionality. And the great news is ESR brings a blend of both with its 11-inch iPad Pro case. Plus, since it’s specifically designed for the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd generation of iPads, it offers a snug fit.

On top of that,  the secure magnetic attachment is a complete game-changer. With powerful magnets at play, you can count on a robust lock between the case and your tablet, ensuring a worry-free grip during your daily hustle.

Now, let’s talk about protection, which is lightweight yet formidable. It wraps your tablet in a shield against drops and bumps without sacrificing its slender profile. But here’s the real gem: the two-way stand. The magnetic trifold cover effortlessly transforms into a stable stand, offering a variety of viewing angles and making it one of the best folio cases for the 11-inch iPad Pro. 

Buy the ESR iPad Pro 11 Folio Case for $15.99 here.

3. DTTO iPad Pro Folio Case

DTTO’s folio case for iPad Pro 11-inch impressed us with its precise cutouts and tactile buttons, providing easy access to all features.

Moreover, the premium synthetic leather on the exterior and lined with microfiber added bonus points to its overall appeal. And for what it’s worth, the sleek design screams sophistication, making your tablet look and feel premium.

As in demand, the Auto Wake/Sleep function is a battery-saving superhero. Combine that with the external elastic band to enhance the magnetic closure, and you ensure your iPad sleeps when it should.

Plus, the built-in leather hand strap offers a secure grip for one-handed operation. And when it’s movie time or you need to type up a storm, the multiple horizontal bracket angles provide the perfect viewing and typing setup. Lastly, adding to the features that make it one of the best folio cases for the 11-inch iPad Pro, the front document card pocket keeps you organized.

Buy the DTTO iPad Pro 11-inch Folio Case for $21.99 here.

4. PITAKA iPad Pro 11-inch Folio Case

Are you seeking a blend of durability and elegance? If so, then PITAKA’s iPad Pro folio case and you were made for each other. Since it magnetically attaches to your iPad Pro 11 inch, it offers a snug fit and compatibility that’s hard to beat.

However, what truly sets this case apart among the best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro are its four standing angles. Folded in two ways, it provides optimal flexibility for various activities. And the triangle structure of the multi-fold folio ensures a stable standing position, be it in portrait or landscape mode. 

Talking about construction, it’s been crafted from upgraded and skin-friendly PU leather that’s dust and scratch-resistant. Moreover, weighing a mere 8.47oz, it’s slim and lightweight, making it a breeze to carry around without compromising on protection.

Buy the PITAKA iPad Pro 11-inch Folio Case for $49.99 here.

5. Kenke iPad Pro Folio Case

Kenke’s offering stands out with its shock-absorbing TPU shell and rugged exterior. And since an 11-inch iPad Pro folio case with sleep wake feature is a must in 2024, this case delivers.

The auto sleep/wake function, powered by stronger built-in magnets, ensures your iPad is ready to roll the moment you need it. As for compatibility, it offers a snug fit for the latest 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and even the 1st generation of iPads. 

When it comes to materials, it boasts a smooth microfiber lining, ensuring a scratch-free existence. The PU leather exterior? It’s a shield against the daily bumps and scrapes that come your iPad’s way, making it one of the best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro.

Moreover, the strong magnetic back shell not only keeps your device securely attached but does so with a frameless minimalistic design. Weight reduction and easy access to all controls? Check and check. 

Buy the Kenke iPad Pro Folio Case for $22.99 here.

6. Tomtoc Smart Folio Case for iPad Pro

Tomtoc case features a reliable stand, Apple Pencil holder, and a premium PU leather exterior, making it a practical yet stylish solution for iPad Pro users. My friend, this smart folio case for 11-inch iPad Pro is a chameleon as it transitions seamlessly between 4 distinct usage modes.

The super magnetic attraction and detachable structure make it a breeze to switch from one mode to another, thus earning its reputation as the best folio case for 11-inch iPad Pro. 

Moving on to the Magnetic Back Panel Single-use Mode, it’s a feature that adds an extra layer of flexibility. You see, the ultra-thin and light magnetic back panel, with its silky touch, serves as a standalone accessory.

And it snugly fits on the back of your iPad, allowing you to position it without concerns about scratching the back or camera. 

Buy the Tomtoc Smart Folio Case for iPad Pro for $48.99 here.

7. Speck iPad Pro 11-inch Folio Case

Speck’s iPad Pro folio case boasts a slim profile without compromising on protection. Plus, with 4-foot drop protection, you’re practically giving your iPad a suit of armor. And hey, the durable exterior and interior liner are the real heroes here, standing strong against the notorious duo: dents and scratches.

The reason it’s considered one of the best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro? Your iPad’s screen can breathe easy, shielded from the perils of daily life.

Going beyond toughness, it’s about versatility too. The adjustable multi-angle viewing stand turns your iPad into a cinematic masterpiece, adapting to your every mood. Plus, with the Auto Sleep/Wake Mode, it becomes smart, efficient, and elegant.

Oh, if you own an Apple Pencil, you’d be happy to know that this folio case comes with an integrated holder for your 1st Generation Apple Pencil. 

Buy the Speck iPad Pro 11-inch Folio Case for $49.99 here.

8. Native Union W.F.A iPad Folio Case

Native Union’s W.F.A 11-inch iPad Pro case stands out for its innovative design and premium materials. Although it’s been crafted with a keen eye for detail, it’s its on-the-go prowess that marks it as one of the best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro.

While the button-and-string envelope design is a nod to classic style, it also ensures a snug fit for your iPad Pro 11″.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, unfold the front cover, and your iPad stands at the perfect angle for typing, sketching, or simply enjoying hands-free viewing. And the devil, as they say, is in the details.

The Native Union W.F.A is crafted with a recycled microfiber lining and water-repellent coated canvas. Extra care for your tech companion? Check. And the button-and-string design? It doesn’t just secure your iPad but also ensures your Apple Pencil stays attached and charged.

Buy the Native Union W.F.A iPad Folio for $59.99 here.

Protection Meets Style

We’ve talked about the essentials: the armor-like protection, the style game, the versatility, and the overall upgrade these folio cases for iPad Pro 11-inch bring to your tech life. Not only are they tough shields against the daily chaos, but they also add that extra oomph, making your iPad a certified fashionista.

So, which one of the best folio cases for 11-inch iPad Pro do you think stands out the most? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! 

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