Best Bike Mounts For iPhone Users In 2023

Keep your phone safe on roads, outdoor trails, and beyond by mounting it securely on your bike. This article discusses the 8 best bike mounts for iPhone for your next two-wheeled adventure.

We’re all addicted to our phones and cannot go a minute without them. 

It’s no surprise. A device that brings so much convenience to our everyday life is bound to become a permanent resident as well.

Whether we’re going for an epic adventure, strenuous activities, work, or studying, our phones are our constant companions. 

So, if you’re an avid cyclist or just starting out, you may want to keep your iPhone with you to access GPS or music, track your performance, or just stay up-to-date on the weather.

In such a case, you don’t want to use your $1000 device with one hand and risk an accident. iPhone bike mounts have been created to ease your life for this very reason.  

Below, we have mentioned the best bike mounts for iPhone users. Check them out.

1. Lamicall Bike Phone Holder (BM02)

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder (BM02) sports a unique form that ensures your iPhone is gripped tightly from each corner. But don’t worry about getting your iPhone scratched or marked. The silicone-padded gadget keeps your phone safe and protected. 

The adjustable and one of the best bike mounts for iPhone is designed to securely fit the handlebars between 0.6 and 1.57 inches in diameter. Therefore, Lamicall’s BM02 phone holder is adaptable to a wide range of handlebar shapes and sizes. 

When it comes to installation, there’s no complicated process that requires special tools. Just clip the holder onto your bike handlebar. 

Buy the Lamicall Bike Phone Holder (BM02) for $15 from Amazon.

2. Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount (BP03)

Another bike mount for iPhone 14 from Lamicall, this one is just as good as the BM02. 

Similar to the previous one, the BP03 motorcycle phone mount is wrapped up in 4 silicone cushions that protect your phone from damage and vibrations. Even on the roughest roads, your iPhone will stay safe and secure in one place. 

Thanks to the rotational mechanism, you can take calls, listen to music, and use GPS by adjusting the angle as you prefer. It can fit handlebars with 0.59 – 1.57” diameter and 4.7 – 6.8 inches smartphones with up to 15mm thickness. 

The sturdy design, one-handed latch, and 360° adjustable angles make this gadget one of the best bike mounts for iPhone. 

Buy the Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount (BP03) for $19.99 from Amazon.

3. Visnfa Bike Phone Mount (PB05)

The Visnfa bike phone mount is a fantastic budget option among the best bike mounts for iPhone. 

Super easy to set up, this phone mount excels at accessibility, giving you full access to the phone screen controls and buttons. It won’t block your face ID and fingerprint ID. Plus, the 360° free rotation adds to the versatile advantages you can reap from this bike mount.

To install it on your bike, start by tightening the mounting screws to perfectly fit the bike mount on the handlebar. You don’t need any tools, just rotate the bracket to best adjust it to the size of the phone and then close the quick switch to lock. 

Buy the Visnfa Bike Phone Mount (PB05) for $16.95 from Amazon.

4. Nite Ize Squeeze Bar Mount

The Nite Ize Squeeze bike mount for iPhone 14 is a simple, well-designed option for riders who generally take smooth, paved roads.

It’s named Squeeze as it features two levers at its base that require a simple pinch to open the clamp and place your phone. No tools or extra grip is needed to install this bike mount.

One of the best bike mounts for iPhones, this mount sports inner continuous force springs and grippy arms that strongly and securely hold your phone in place. Additionally, the smooth 360° rotation allows you to adjust your iPhone as needed. 

It universally fits smartphones that are up to 2.3–3.6 inches wide (including case and accessories).

Buy the  Nite Ize Squeeze Bar Mount for $23.39 from Amazon.

5. Roam Bike Phone Mount

A customer favorite, Roam’s bike mount excels at security, durability, and convenience, making it the best bike mount for iPhone. 

With its side clamping system, plastic corner grip, and silicone net, you get an inexpensive yet sturdy bike mount that will last for ages. The premium plastic and heavy-duty silicone net promises durability and security even on the toughest rides and in extreme weather conditions. 

The best part is that it boasts one of the largest-diameter clamping mechanisms, fitting handlebars from ⅞ inches up to 1¼ inches.

But that’s not all – the Roam Bike Mount also offers 360° rotation. This provides easy access to your phone and the ability to effortlessly adjust the angle, even when in motion.

Buy the Roam Bike Phone Mount for $16.94 from Amazon.

6. JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

Light, strong, and secure, the JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount is among the best bike mounts for iPhone. 

The bike mount for iPhone 14 comes with an upgraded auto lock button with 4 arms that lock your phone in place with a single click. To unlock your phone, you will have to press both sides at once. 

As for durability, the manufacturer promises a stable lock button that won’t get stuck as it is created with a solid structured inner mechanism tested to withstand 3000+ presses.  

Moreover, the clamp and the mount itself are cushioned so your phone and handlebar get scratch and shock protection. Plus, the high-speed lock switch allows you to double lock your phone when the ride gets bumpy for added safety. 

Buy the JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount for $19.99 from Amazon.

7. Visnfa Bike Phone Mount Holder

Yet another bike mount by Visnfa, this one differs from PB05 in terms of design. 

What makes it one of the best bike mounts for iPhone is the built-in steel bar of the joint ball. This allows the bike mount to better protect your device through thick and thin.

Pair that with an ABS plastic structure cushioned with built-in rubber pads, and you get a light, durable, sturdy, anti-scratch, and shockproof phone bike mount. 

The open design gives you full access to your phone controls and buttons, including face ID and fingerprint ID. Plus, you can use 360° rotation to adjust angles as needed. 

Buy the Visnfa Bike Phone Mount Holder for $19.95 from Amazon.

8. VICSEED Bike Phone Mount

best bike mounts for iPhone

One of the most expensive bike mounts on the list, the VICSEED Bike Phone Mount is your perfect companion for the toughest roads. 

The four corners made from high-density silicone wrap the phone tightly while providing shock absorption and protection from vibration or scratches. So even if your bike shakes violently on the harshest roads, your phone will make it out unscathed. 

Moreover, the ball joint of the handlebar clip comes with a built-in stainless steel core, guaranteeing a long, durable life.

Buy the VICSEED Bike Phone Mount for $32.95 from Amazon.


The best bike mounts (iPhone compatible) have adjustable clamps, accommodate a wide diameter of handlebars, withstand harsh weather conditions and tough roads, and offer protection and stability. 

Choose a bike mount best suited for your adventures. While all of these are durable, not all can withstand harsh weather or tough roads. So, it is best to determine your needs before making a purchase decision.  

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