AltStore App Marketplace Launching In EU Soon With Patreon Integration For App Payments

Now that Apple has been forced by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) to open up iOS to third-party app marketplaces, a familiar name is back in the news. AltStore, the alternative app marketplace known for sideloading apps has announced its plans to support Patreon-backed apps in the EU.

The announcement was made by AltStore developer Riley Testut on X (formerly Twitter). The announcement was accompanied by a screen recording of the AltStore and how app installation will look like in the EU.

What makes Testut’s EU AltStore different is that it will allow developers who put up their apps for download on it to receive payments through Patreon monthly pledges. The store will feature a custom Patreon integration and allow a developer’s paying members to download their apps for free.

At launch, the EU AltStore will feature two apps, both from AltStore developer Testut. This will include the Delta video game emulator and the Clip Clipboard Manager app. Delta will be available as a free download while Clip will be available for those who pledge $1 per month on Testut’s Patreon. Soon after the launch, Testut will add beta versions of Delta and Clip apps, which will be available exclusively to those who pledge $3 per month to the developer.

After AltStore is working properly Testut told TechCrunch that his AltStore platform will start taking apps from developers who want to distribute their apps through his marketplace and take advantage of AltStore’s Patreon integration. According to Testut the AltStore is ready to launch now and he is waiting for final approval from Apple.

A distinctive factor of the EU AltStore is that it will be simpler to use compared to the AltStore we have today notes Testut. This is because currently, users have to sideload the AltStore on their iPhone or iPad with the help of a Mac or Windows PC. This not only makes the process more complex but also raises security concerns. This will not be a problem with EU AltStore as users will be able to install it on their devices without using a computer and without the complex sideload method.

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