Blume Ventures announces first close of Fund 1Y at ₹200 crore

Blume Ventures, known for its investments in early-stage startups, continues to make waves in the investment landscape as they announce first close of their new opportunity fund, Fund 1Y. Fund 1Y is the third growth fund by the Indian early-stage VC firm, and so far, it has already raised ₹200 crores ($25 million) – half of the targeted ₹400 crores, with visibility for the remaining corpus.

“We have a fabulous set of winners in our portfolio, and I am glad that we have been able to raise additional capital to stay invested longer and go deeper in our winners. We believe in the power of public markets and are confident that businesses such as Purplle, Zopper, Cashify and others in this portfolio are well entrenched on the path,” said Vikram Gawande, Vice President, of Growth Investments, Blume Ventures.

The availability of Fund 1Y presents a tremendous opportunity for startups associated with Blume Ventures – including the likes of unicorns such as Purplle and Unacademy. As these companies progress from early-stage to growth-stage, they often require substantial capital injections to sustain their growth trajectory. Fund 1Y fills this gap by offering growth-stage funding, allowing startups to access the necessary resources to scale their operations, penetrate new markets, and build robust business models. This injection of capital will play a pivotal role in accelerating the growth and success of the portfolio companies.

The launch of Fund 1Y by Blume Ventures is poised to have positive effects on the broader startup ecosystem. By providing growth-stage capital to promising companies, the fund stimulates entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation. Startups can leverage this funding to enhance their competitive positioning, attract top talent, and develop disruptive solutions that drive economic growth. Moreover, the success of Fund 1Y can inspire confidence in other investors, encouraging further investments in growth-stage startups and fostering a vibrant and thriving startup ecosystem, which will be useful at a time when the current macroeconomic conditions have created tough conditions for startups and enterprises to thrive in (unless they focus on profitability).

Several limited partners are currently backing Fund 1Y, including the participation of existing LPs in Blume Ventures’ other funds. This opportunity fund comes months after Blume Ventures marked the close of its fourth and largest fund – Fund IV – at nearly $290 million. Fund IV included the participation of several family offices, global family offices, sovereign wealth funds of India and overseas and emerging market funds of funds. At that time, Blume intended to deploy the fund to back about 35 startups.

With the current growth fund, the Indian VC firm intends to deploy a chunk of the Fund 1Y towards buying out firms such as Intrcity, Cashify, Carbon Clean, and Zopper from their legacy Fund I and allied investment vehicles, as well as deploy capital towards driving investments in the existing winners of their other funds.

“It’s a global practice for Fund Managers like Blume to provide exits to the existing LPs by finding new investors who can buy out a combination of assets from the original Fund. Blume is one of the first VCs in India to have executed this structure with the new investors also being onshore,” Karthik Reddy, co-founder and Partner, Blume Ventures, commented on the new Fund 1Y. “The current environment and our unique strategy allow us to balance the interests of our current and incoming investors and hold the best of our companies for another 3-4 years before eventual public listing and create wealth for the local ecosystem. It’s a win-win solution for all involved,” he added.

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